Rameswaram - First Year Ceremony / Thithi

Rameswaram - First Year Ceremony / Thithi

Rameswaram - First Year Ceremony / Thithi Rameswaram - First Year Ceremony / Thithi

Rameswaram - First Year Ceremony / Thithi

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The first year death anniversary of ancestors, also known as First year ceremony / First Year Thithi / Varushapthigam is performed after one year in remembrance of the ancestors. It is performed on their death date (thithi).

Get Rameshwaram Thithi Procedure in Tamil With Divinvite

By performing this ritual with dedication and devotion, one can get ancestor blessings, which will lead to a very happy and prosperous life. To stress the importance of performing ancestor rituals, on the eve of ancestor rituals like Tharpanam, Srardham…etc, daily worship of Gods should be done only after the rituals are performed. Hindu customs and beliefs have attached such great importance to them.

Significance of Performing in Rameshwaram:

Rameshwaram is significant in many ways for Hindus as a pilgrimage to Varanasi should be started after visiting Rameswaram only and by taking the holy sand. One need is to visit Rameswaram prior to visiting Varanasi. After visiting Varanasi, one has to come back to Rameshwaram again, carrying the water from the Holy River Ganges. The town itself, along with the Ramanathaswamy temple, is one of the holiest four Hindu sites/temples, comprising Badrinath, Puri, and Dwarka (reference-Wiki Pedia).

In this holy place, one can perform on any day all kinds of Pithru Puja, Pithru Parihara Puja, PithruTharpanam, First Year Ceremony, and Yearly Ceremony of departed ancestors and get their blessings in abundance, too

Rameshwaram Thithi Procedure in Tamil

Many people come to Rameshwaram to get the thithi procedure done. Rameshwaram is considered to be one of the holy places for Hindus; getting the Rameshwaram Thithi procedure in Tamil done at the place will provide the person with great results.

Meaning of Thithi

Thithi means the “Date,” which is known to be the death ceremony of the person. Till now, many Hindu rituals are the same as the thithi procedure in Rameshwaram. Many people come from different places to get this procedure done for a member that has passed away in their family. This procedure has great significance in the Hindu culture. This procedure can be done by the son of the deceased person.

Important things to know about the Rameshwaram Thithi procedure

Here are certain things that the person needs to know about this procedure. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Cost of Pooja: Rameshwaram Thithi cost can vary a lot. There are different packages made available on the Divinite platform. The person can easily book the package that will fit the requirement and budget of the person.
  • There is only one person allowed to get this whole procedure done at the temple.
  • The duration of Pooja can vary from 45 minutes to 1 hour.
  • Only one priest is required to get the whole procedure done.
  • There is a certain dress that every person needs to follow. For men, they need to wear white Pancha and dhoti or Kurta and Pyjama. For women, they can wear something Indian like a saree with a blouse, salwar kameez with dupatta, or kurta and churidar.
  • In this rameswaram thithi in Tamil procedure, the family member has to do a havan and some food offerings to their ancestors.
  • If this procedure is done on the same date of the thithi, it can provide the family with great blessings from ancestors.

Benefits of thithi Pooja at Rameshwaram

All the poojas and rituals done in Hindu culture have an extensive significance behind them. If you want to get the best of the blessing from your forefathers, it is very important to get the poojas done like Thithi Pooja at Rameshwaram. Here are some benefits to the person who gets this Pooja done. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Brings positive vibes: Almost every person requires to be surrounded with positive vibes. The procedure of thithi can help the person to experience the positivity around them. This Pooja is done for the person who has passed away. If his/ her soul is happy with the power of this Pooja, he/ she will bless the person with good energy.
  • Stops the unwanted things in life: Sometimes, when the soul of the passed away person is not happy, then the family might face some of the unwanted situations in their life. To stop such a problem, the person can easily take the help of the Rameswaram thithi in Tamil. It is one of the best ways to remember the deceased and do some good stuff for them.

Choose Divinite for the Rameshwaram Thithi procedure

People from all around the world come to Rameshwaram temple to get the thithi procedure done. Not every person who comes to the place has all the right information to get such Pooja done. For their help, Divinite is always there to help them. Divinite is the online platform that deals with the online booking of different types of poojas.

Once the person books the Rameshwaram thithi in Tamil with Divinite, the person will make sure to provide the best of the priest that will get this procedure done in the best possible way. The platform has a good range of packages in terms of Rameshwaram thithi cost. According to the budget of the person, they can book the Pooja, and it will be done with all the rituals and cultures.

Divinite is an integrated platform that will not only perform the Pooja but also help in organizing all the religious activities that can bring the best to the life of the person. The team at Divinite is highly professional for their work, and you can easily account for us for such religious services.

Enquire to book online pooja booking immediately.

Please read and understand the following points carefully :

  • The puja will be performed on the scheduled date either in the morning or in the evening as per the head priest's sole discretion based on other festivals and programs conducted in the temple.
  • Puja confirmation mail will be sent on the next day of the puja date. It's an automated mail, which will be manually intervened, only when there is a change in the puja schedule.
  • We will arrange to perform the puja either through our representatives/agents who will visit the temple in person or through the Priest of the temple himself depending upon our earlier set arrangements
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  • Integrated platform for organizing and performing all religious activities with hassle free booking mechanism.
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  • All Pujas/Homam are performed as per the procedure prescribed in our Vedas and Shastras.
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  • Naivedhya Prasad is prepared in an orthodox and traditional manner using high quality ingredients
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  • Different Packages to suit your varied requirements.
  • Divinvite team is professional, reliable, accountable and transparent in all means.
  • We offer guidance and help for choosing the right service for you.