About Divinvite

DIVINVITE wants to spread divinity, love, kindness, peace, harmony and happiness among people.

DIVINVITE is an integrated platform for organizing and performing all religious activities like Puja Booking Services (for Performing Puja,Homa and Rituals at your home or in a temple for remedial pujas), Astrology Services, Home Cook Booking Services (for small family functions of orthodox nature).

We also offer customized packages for NRI and Corporate.

Our Special Services

At Home Service
We have a dedicated team of Purohit/Pandit, to cater to your varied Puja/Homa/Ceremonies/Functions requirements.
Our Experts Panel consists of Astrologers with high level of knowledge, experience, wisdom and Integrity which are unparalleled.
Temple Service
Divinvite takes pride in offering online booking services for performing Pujas offered by important and famous temples of India. One should be able to book the Puja along with accommodation, food ..etc (where ever applicable) as end to end packages.
EPuja / Online Temple Service
Divinvite takes pride in offering Online Temple Pujas. Just choose the temple and book the Puja.We shall arrange to perform the puja on your behalf , on the desired day and arrange to send the prasadam to you within 75 working days .
Corporate Services

Our Corporate Package has been well designed, keeping in mind your various Puja requirements...

Worship Categories

Family Deity Worship

Family deity worship is very important and the blessings of our Family Deity will go a long way in leading a very happy life. So periodical worship ( at least once a year) by performing abhishekams, Pujas to Family Deity should be a top priority to invoke the blessings . Ignoring (either intentionally or unintentionally) Family Deity may hamper one’s progress and prosperity. please refer Family Deity sub Menu under Astrology Menu in Our Services.

Favourite Gods and Other Gods Worship

By doing daily pujas at home,visiting temples, performing Pujas on the eve of Festivals and by conducting specific Homas/Pujas pertaining to that Deity to neutralise a specific problem will be part of worshipping favourite God and other Gods. For detailed list of Pujas, Homas of various deities, please refer the Pujas and Homas sub menu under Puja Booking Menu in Our Services

Ancestor Worship

Last but not the least, worshiping Ancestors ( Fore Fathers) is an important phenomenon in Hindu Religion.It is believed that one’s deceased family members have got the powers to influence the wellbeing of their living descendants. They can bless us to overcome all of kinds obstacles and help us lead an enjoyable, peaceful and abundant life. For the types of Ancestor Rituals one need to perform,see the Rituals sub menu under Puja Booking Menu in Our Services.

Book a Service

All our services can be accessed and booked in few simple steps.(refer :How to Book section) Both Web and App options are available for booking and making payments. We will always strive hard to give you the best experience possible, by leveraging technology. Our Services

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