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Hindu culture is all about different types of traditions and customs that need to be followed. A certain culture like the poojas is done to enhance the positivity in the life of the person. This is the reason you might find so many people getting the poojas done quite frequently just to get the blessings from God and their ancestors. One of the most commonly done Pooja is pitra dosh.

Pitra dosh is like a Karmic debt of the forefathers, which is reflected in the horoscope of the person in the form of a planetary sequence. Certain people consider Pitra dosh as the set of bad luck that can disturb a person’s life to a great extent. Some priests say that this dosh can arise if the person does not provide their ancestors with shared, charity, or any spiritual betterment in their name.

Get the Best Pitra Dosh Nivaran Pooja Services

Pitra Dosh is not the curve of forefathers, but it is a kind of Karmic debt that needs to be settled out. If the person fails to get this done, he/ she will have to face a lot of problematic situations in their life.

If you are a person that is facing a lot of disturbance in your life, just reach out to Divinvite as this platform provides multiple pitra dosh nivaran Pooja services. Such services will make sure to get the right energy in life that can decrease the negative impact on life and bring things back to normal.

Effects of Pitru Dosha

  • One of the major effects of pitru dosha is if the family members are affected by a certain hereditary health issue. This problem is moving from one generation to another. It can be cystic fibrosis, mental subnormality, diabetes, asthma, cancer, down syndrome, heart attack, etc.
  • If the person believes in rebirth, it is quite understandable that the souls of ancestors are not resting in peace.
  • There are many obstacles and difficulties in life because of pitru dosha. The liability of the previous birth is not cleared yet, and because of it, the person is suffering now.

The Procedure Of Pitra Dosha

  • The overall procedure of this Pooja will take around 3 days to get complete.
  • A male person is necessary to get this Pooja done as a female alone cannot do this Pooja.
  • The person needs to be present a day before the muhurta of the Pooja so that the person and the people accompanying him can reach the temple early in the morning.
  • Once the Pooja starts, the person who is performing Pooja cannot leave Trimbak till Pooja ends. The person might be free by noon on the last day.
  • The person is not allowed to have food with onion and garlic on the days of Pooja.
  • The person getting the pitra dosha Pooja done needs to follow certain dress rules. For men, they need to wear white Dhoti, kurta, gamcha, etc. For females, they can wear a white saree with a blouse or salwar suit. All the clothes worn in Pooja should be new.
  • The person is not allowed to have non-veg or alcohol for the next 41 days, including the Pooja days.

Benefits of Pitra Dhosha Pooja

  • Once the person gets this Pooja done, the energy from this Pooja will prevent the person from any type of ill effects that can seriously harm the person’s life.
  • This Pooja will ensure that person’s children are saved from the malefic effects of this dosha
  • The Pooja will surely eliminate the financial troubles that the person might be suffering in their life.
  • It will surely help in averting the sudden life-threatening incidents that might have a great effect on the family.
  • Pitra dosha Pooja ensures to provide with happy and prosperous life for the native.

Pitru Dosham Pooja with Divinvite

Divinvite is the platform that avails different types of pitra dosham Pooja in different temples. The list of Pooja services can include Rameshwaram- Tila/ Pitru Homam, Rameshwaram- First Year Ceremony/ Thithi, Rameshwaram- Yearly Ceremony, Rameshwaram- Kasi Yathra Sankalpam, Thirupullani- Tila/ Pitru Homan, Rameshwaram- Theertha Sradham, Kasi Yatra, Thiruvenkadu-Budhan-Rudra Padam-21 Pinda Tharpanam, Kasi Yathra Sampoornam, Gorkarna- Naryana Bali Puja, Gokarna- Tripindi Srardha, and Papanasam- Ramalingaswamy Abishekam.

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