What is DIVINVITE all about?

DivInvite is an integrated platform for organizing and performing all religious activities. A vast and wide range of religious related services can be booked by a few clicks from the comforts of your home using Web or Mobile App.

Which are the religious services can I look for in DivInvite?

  • You can book a package for all types of Puja & Homa, Book a Priest/Purohit/Pandit for -Family Functions, Rituals & Ceremonies.
  • You can also a book a Home Cook for all your orthodox ceremonies and family functions.
  • Another important one is, our Astrological service for - Predicting Astrological Remedies & offering Remedial Puja packages, based on the Free Horoscope Generation. If someone is not sure of what type of Puja to perform or has concerns about the problems faced in life, these services could come in handy.
  • We will come out with more such services in the future to suit your requirements

Why DivInvite offers different packages for the same service?

We understand that each and every customer is different and so is their requirement. Based on this, we have customized our Puja/ Homa packages into Silver, Gold and Platinum Packages, enabling you to choose the best one suited for you.

Can you help me with an auspicious date for my Puja/ Function requirement ?

If you are unsure and not able to decide on the day and date, you can pick and choose the date from the various calendars (Tamil,Telugu, Kannada…etc) available in the booking menu. Still not satisfied? Get in touch with us and leave the rest to us. We will be glad to help you out. Our panel of Purohit/Pandit can help you finalise the date based on the various Inputs provided by you.

Do you Provide Naivedhya/Prasad for the Puja/homa booked ?

Yes. We do provide the Naivedhya/Prasad as an option. You can select it, while booking the services.

How do you select your service providers? Is there any selection criteria in place for selecting service providers?

First of all, we have an Expert Panel on board for each of our services, who have built a reputation in the market over a period of time and have earned a good name and fame, in their respective profession.

The Experts over see the enrollment of the service providers, by following a stringent screening process to evaluate them on various parameters.

Can I book a service say Puja booking based on my needs and requirements of Purohit?

There you are !!!. You can spell out your requirement while selecting a service, for instance you are booking a Purohit for some Puja. You can select them based on the following criteria:

  • Language they speak,
  • Region they belong to(like Tamilnadu , Kerala, UP, Orissa…etc)
  • Based on your Varna (Caste)

Will I be allowed to choose a time slot also?

It is very complex. Some of the Pujas have to be performed, for example, Ganapathy Homa, very early morning in the day, while functions like Ayusha Homa require auspicious timings. The rest may fall in a different category, wherein you can perform it any time during a time period, say, between 6 am and 12 pm.

So, please leave it to us the onus of fixing an appropriate time slot.

I have opted for Puja Items included package. Do I still need to keep or buy something?

Based on the Plan (like Silver,Gold or Platinum) chosen by you , you may have to buy varieties of Flowers,Garlands and Fruits in sufficient quantities.

Can I book a Puja for someone else?

You can, provided the city is serviced by us. You may book a Puja service for your parents, relatives, friends… etc.

Do I need to make any payment while booking any of the services?

You have the option of either paying 20% advance or paying the entire amount.

If I had opted for advance payment option, when & how should I pay the balance amount?

The balance amount can be paid through credit /debit card, on line banking, Wallets or COD before conclusion of the service. If you make online payment our service provider would receive a confirmation message for the payment received. If you pay through cash, you can handover the cash to them.

While booking , the payment got debited from me, but booking was not confirmed. What should I do?

Due to some technical glitches like network problem, we would not have received the payment confirmation from your bankers and the status will show as a failed transaction only. You can go ahead booking the desired service once again. The debited payment will be credited back to the same account (used for booking) within 7 working days.

Can I reschedule a Date or shift a venue or choose a different Puja other than the booked one?

You can reschedule the date or shift the venue or choose a different Puja as long as they are within the same city, subject to at least 72 hours before the scheduled service. By using the Modify option under My Account Menu, you can do this.

What is your cancellation Policy?important

*On the Money collected by us:

  1. 72 hrs – 100% Refund excluding convenience charges
  2. Between 72 hrs & 48 hrs - 75% refund excluding convenience charges
  3. Between 48 hrs & 24 hrs - 50% refund excluding Convenience charges
  4. <=24 hrs - NO REFUND

(*Please refer the ULA and our Cancellation and Refund Policy for full details)

Can you guide me on the right kind of Puja to perform, if I am unable to decide on my own?

Why not? If you are not sure of which one to perform for the betterment of your life, you can always seek the Expert Advice from our panel of Astrologers, who can show you the exact path to tread. The Remedial Pujas, if any suggested by them can be performed on your own or you can utilize our services. We in fact offer them as a complete package. It’s optional though.

Which all are the services you offer under Astrology category?

Our Astrology services include unearthing your family deity name and location (if not known to you), Horoscope Generation, Offering Predictive Analysis, Predicting Astrological Remedial Solutions, Offering Remedial Puja Packages and performing them, at the macro level.

At the micro level, you can approach us for any of the problems concerning your life. Be it your Studies, Job, Career, Business, Health, Wealth, Property Disputes, Marriage, Childbirth, husband & wife relationship and not knowing the Family Deity, Negativity… etc. It could be any other issues as well, which impacts your life.

Will you perform a Puja or ceremony on my behalf in my absence ?

Oh sure!!! You can book any type of Puja/Homa or remedial packages, which we would execute it to perfection with sincere, honest and dedicated approach. The same can be viewed either live through Live Streaming* or a recorded video of the function will be uploaded for later viewing and the Prasad will be couriered to you.

Can I do a Puja by myself (online) with the help of a Purohit giving out live instructions ?

We do have a package for online Puja. Our Purohit will guide you step by step on a live video chat, at a pre- fixed time slot, enabling you to perform the Puja on your own.

Can I avail multiple services at one go ?

You can book multiple services in any combination. For example, you can book any number of services within the same category or services from two different categories altogether, depending upon your requirement.


What is Divinvite Corporate?

Divinvite Corporate is a business vertical of “Divinvite Tech Private Limited”, offering Exclusive Puja Services to Corporate.

Which all are the Puja services offered by Divinvite Corporate?

We offer full gamut of services for Corporate Puja requirements like Weekly Friday Puja, AyuthaPuja and any other Special Occasions Puja, you may wish to perform. There are Packages available for all the aforesaid Pujas.

Can you elaborate on the packages, for instance Friday Puja?

Our Friday Puja Packages are available for periods ranging from 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months. The Pricing Plan will be made available upon request. Enquire Here

You may also book for Ayutha Puja along with Friday Puja Packages, so that your entire regular puja requirements for an entire year can be taken care of.

Do you provide Naivedhya Prasadam for Puja ?

Yes. While choosing the package, you will have the option of choosing Naivedhya Prasad for a pre-fixed quantity.

Which are all the time slots available for weekly Friday Puja?

We will provide you a time period range either in the morning or in the evening to choose from.

How do we make the payment?

We accept both cheque payments and online fund transfer, for the plan chosen by you.

Why should we choose Divinvite?

There are lot of advantages in choosing Divinvite, which are as follows:

  1. Full gamut of services for corporate puja requirement offered under one roof.
  2. Products like Friday Puja , Ayutha Puja and any other special occasions Puja to cater to your requirements.
  3. All the packages can be enquired online and booked.
  4. Flexible plans to suit your budget and other requirements.
  5. You don’t have to allocate resources to organize Pujas, Homas … etc.
  6. You will have a dependable team, to rely on responsibility and accountability related matters.
  7. Standard Rate for the whole year, thus ensuring protection from any upward revision in the future.
  8. Options like Naivedhya and Prasad.
  9. Employees can get Promo coupons to avail discounts, if they wish to perform any Ritual, Puja, Homa…etc