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Mainly pooja is done for getting good energy so that the person's life can be a little settled. You all might have come to know about Navgraha puja, which is considered to be one of the most powerful rituals that are devoted to the nine planets of the solar system. The reason to get this pooja done is to get the good energies of the powerful planets so that it can reduce the chances of misfortunes in life.

The Navgraha pooja is devoted to the nine celestial bodies according to Indian astrology. This includes The Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, and two of the shadow planets i.e., Rahu and Ketu. This pooja will devote all the rituals to all these grahas which are nine in total. So, this is the reason this pooja is known as Navgraha Pooja.

Who can perform the Navgraha puja?

First of all, the person who is facing an issue in their life needs to meet an astrologer. After carefully reading the kundalini or the birth chart of the person, the astrologer will tell the person whether getting this pooja done will help them in life or not. This prediction is made with the calculation of planetary positions in the birth chart. People who are facing the mentioned below problem in life can get the Navgraha puja done:

  • A person whose four or more four planets are not placed well in the birth chart.
  • A person whose Rahu is in ascending node and Ketu is in descending node in the birth chart is highly recommended to get the birth chart.
  • People who are having Kaal Sarpa dosha or Kalathra Dosha are recommended to get this pooja done.

Benefits of Navgraha Shanti Puja

  • The Navgraha Pooja will surely make the person's life more favourable than before. He/ she will start to experience good things in life.
  • The pooja will ensure that the person has a successful career in life.
  • The Navgraha shanti puja will surely bless the person with happy married life and also overcomes the obstacles that might be there at the child's birth.
  • Even the Navgraha Pooja makes sure to give a great push to the personal and business life of the person.
  • The pooja once done will block the unfortunate events that can have a great impact on the life of the person.
  • After this pooja, the planets will be satisfied and will start to make every move to bring positivity and a good impact on life.

Where and when the Navgraha puja can be done?

If the person wants to get the Navgraha puja, they need to get the proper Muhurt for it so that the Pooja performed at that time can provide great benefits. Mostly this pooja is done on Sunday as Sunday is the day for the strongest planet, Sun or Surya. To perform this pooja, the most preferred place is the Lord Shiva temple and even Navgraha Mandir. The Navgraha puja is remotely performed by the experienced pandits at the request of the person.

Navgraha shanti Puja cost

There is a list of things required for the pooja, which will include coconut, fruits, flowers, beetle leaves, incense sticks, 7 types of seeds, cow ghee, camphor, Prasad, sweets, havan samagri, etc. The person also needs to provide the priests with the Dakshina or fees for performing this pooja for them. Along with this, the person can do Anna dan and Vastra Dan to the brahmins. This is everything that is required for the person to do puja. The estimate of the Navgraha Shanti Puja cost might vary and is dependent on the budget of the person getting the pooja done.

Different benefits restored from nine planets through Navgraha pooja

  • The worship of the Sun will help promote strength and courage in the person's life. Even it will surely help in promoting health and prosperity and also provide with the strength to fight against chronic diseases.
  • The worship of the Moon will immensely benefit the mental peace of the person. He/ she will have better control over her emotions, fame, success, and wealth in life. Even the person will get to have a charming personality.
  • The worship of mars, also known as Mangal, will offer the person the best of health, wealth, and prosperity in life. This reduces the chances of robberies and fatal accidents in life.
  • The worship of Mercury, or we can say Budha; will grant wisdom to the person. People will experience better growth, wealth, and even relief from the different diseases that might be related to the nervous system of the body.
  • Worship of Jupiter (Guru) will help in purifying the negative energies from life. The person will feel the virtuous strength and valor. The results of this pooja will be so great for the health of the person, along with education and philosophical skills.
  • The workshop of Venus (Shukra) will surely bless the person with a strong relationship with other people. This will have a great effect on the wealth, education, and positivity around the person.
  • The worship of Saturn will promote the mental peace of the person. This will ensure that the person has the positive energy around them that will help them to handle adverse situations.
  • Worship of the Dragon's head (Rahu) will offer longevity in life that will provide the person with the enhancement of power. After this, the person will receive a high reputation in society.
  • Worship of Dragon's tail (Ketu) will help in promoting the overall health, luck, and domestic happiness of the person.

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