Manavalanallur - Kolanjiappar Temple Abishekam for Wealth Creation

Manavalanallur - Kolanjiappar Temple Abishekam for Wealth Creation

Manavalanallur - Kolanjiappar Temple Abishekam for Wealth Creation Manavalanallur - Kolanjiappar Temple Abishekam for Wealth Creation

Manavalanallur - Kolanjiappar Temple Abishekam for Wealth Creation

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This special Abishegam is performed in this temple for person who need a happy family life, will power, clear mindset , sound health and Ashta Aiswaryam.

Benefits of Abishekam at Manavalanallur - Kolanjiappar Temple :

  • One who perform this special Abishegam to Lord Sri Kolanjiappar will give a mental courage, ablity to take firm decisions in profession and personal life ..
  • This Abishegam will give the devotee, power and happiness..
  • It shields and protects from enemies, as far as we are straight forward in nature.
  • It avoids and saves the devotee from his sins, evil eyes, bad planets effects.
  • It further gives good family relationship, improves mental fitness.
  • It will give Job and Business developments and job security also.
  • It will help us to take clear decisions for the positive results in critical circumstances .
  • It makes the devotee to lead a loan free life.
  • Gives quick recovery from pandemic and psychological diseases.
  • Provides sound health and Ashta Aishwaryam.

About Manavalanallur - Kolanjiappar Temple :

  • This temple is situated in Tamil Nadu Cuddalore District. Manavalanaullur village.
  • Manvalanallur village is located around 2 Kilo Meters west of Virudachalam.
  • Virudhachalam town can be reached from nearby towns like Cuddalore, Salem, Trichy and Chennai.
  • Nearest Railway station is Virudhachalam.

Manavalanallur - Kolanjiappar Temple History :

  • Few centuries ago this place was a densed forest. Once people observed that a cow used to go to a particular place and gave milk on its own. People identified there was a structure with a height of around four feets in that place.
  • This structure resembles a “Pali Peedam”. Pali peedam can be seen in temples near to the Kodi maram (“Dwajasthambam”) at the entrance.
  • People sacrifice (“Pali”) their ego and other unwanted characteristics in front of the Peedam (altar) before entering into the temple with a plain heart to worship the God.
  • People started to worship that swayambu (self proclaim) moorthi and later identified that it is Lord Muruga’s swayambu moorthi called as “Kolanjiappar”.
  • Kolanji is the sthala viruksha of this temple.
  • The devotee of Lord Shiva, Sri Sundara Moorthi Nayanar alias Sundarar is considered as one of the “Devara Moovar”( Trio). The Devara Moovar are Sri Sundaramoorthi Nayanar, Sri Thirunavukkarasar, Sri Thirugnana Sambanthar. Sri Sundara Moorthi Nayanar’s hymns are refered as “Thirupattu” (Godly Songs) in Tamil. He was visiting various Sri Shiva temples and pray the God with his hymns.
  • He skipped the Shiva temple at Thirumuthukundram alias Viruthachalam and continued his visit to other Shiva temple.
  • Lord Shiva identified as Sri Pazhamalainathar of the Thirumuthukundram temple, asked his son Lord Sri Murugha to direct Sri Sundara Moorthi Nayanar to the Thirumuthukundram temple.
  • Lord Sri Murugha appeared in front of Sri Sundarar like a hunter in this place where the temple is situated now. The hunter (Lord Murugha) snatched all the possessions of Sri Sundara Moorthi swamy and adviced him to go to Thirumuthukundram temple to get back his belongings.
  • Lord Shiva blessed Sri Sundara Moorthi Nayanar with his belongings and also with a huge number of Gold Coins ( “Por Kasugal”).
  • Hence the hunter (Lord Sri Murugha) found here as a Swayambu Moorthi and worshiped by the devotees with the name of Sri Kolanjiappar.
  • This temple is more than eight Hundred years old.

Significance of Manavalanallur - Kolanjiappar Temple :

  • This East facing temple has Raja Gopuram (Tower) in East and North entrances. The presiding deity Sri Kolanjiappar is in a separate shrine. Adjacent to this shrine a separate shrine for Sri Ganapathy also.
  • The different and interesting kind of ritual prayer observed in this temple as follows. In this temple people submit their prayer in writing to the presiding deity Sri Kolanjiappar. This tradition is called as “Prathu Koduthal”.
  • Devotees address to Sri Kolanjiappar, submit their “Prathu” (Plaint) in writing to the priest . The priest receives this and places it, at the holy feet of Sri Kolanjiappar. After preforming pooja the priest returns back the prathu to the devotee. The devotee ties the prathu in a tree infront of Sri Muneeswarar Shrine.
  • It is a strong belief that the request gets fulfilled within 90 days.
  • Once their prayers got fulfilled the people withdraw the plaint (“Prathu”). This process is called as “Rajinama” of the Prathu.
  • The devotee has to pay for this “prathu” ( Submission of demand) and “Rajinama” (Withdrawal of Prathu) to the temple. The charges are calculated on the basis of total distance in Kilo Meters from their residence to the Manavalanallur village where the temple is situated.
  • Lot of people who are even staying in overseas, also submit their “Prathu” and get positive results.
  • Neem oil given as prasad to the devotes in this temple. People use this Neem oil to get rid of from their diseases. People use this neem oil prasad as a medicine to their domestic animals also.
  • The parivara devathas (Deities) Sri Muneeswarar , Sri Idumban and Sri Kadamban also shower their blessings from their respective shrines.
  • The full moon day , Shahsti and Kirthigai star days of every month are considered as a significant days and special poojas are being performed on these days.
  • The Tamil months Chithirai Full moon day (“Chithra Pournami”), Vaikasi Visagam star day and Panguni Utthiram star day , are being celebrated in a grand way in this temple.

Please read and understand the following points carefully :

  • The puja will be performed on the scheduled date either in the morning or in the evening as per the head priest's sole discretion based on other festivals and programs conducted in the temple.
  • Puja confirmation mail will be sent on the next day of the puja date. It's an automated mail, which will be manually intervened, only when there is a change in the puja schedule.
  • We will arrange to perform the puja either through our representatives/agents who will visit the temple in person or through the Priest of the temple himself depending upon our earlier set arrangements
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