Thagattur - Sri BairavaSwamy Temple Homam for Kala Bairavar

Thagattur - Sri BairavaSwamy Temple Homam for Kala Bairavar

Thagattur - Sri BairavaSwamy Temple Homam for Kala Bairavar Thagattur - Sri BairavaSwamy Temple Homam for Kala Bairavar

Thagattur - Sri BairavaSwamy Temple Homam for Kala Bairavar

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This special Homam is performed in this temple for person who need a good financial position in his personal life and in his business , sound health and Ashta Aiswaryam.

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Benefits of Homam at Thagattur - Sri BairavaSwamy Temple For Kala Bairavar :

  • Very powerful homam, it will give the devotee a mental courage, peacefulness in life , for sure.
  • This Homam will give the devotee, power and happiness.
  • It shields and protects from enemies, as far as the devotee is straightforward in nature.
  • It avoids and saves the devotee from his sins and bad planets effects.
  • It further gives good family relationship, improves mental fitness.
  • It makes the devotee to lead a loan free life.
  • Gives quick recovery from pandemic diseases.
  • Provides a good financial position in his personal life also in his business and Ashta Aishwaryam.
  • Provides sound health and Ashta Aishwaryam.

About Thagattur - Sri BairavaSwamy Temple :

  • This Temple is situated in Tamil Nadu Nagapattinam District, Thagattur.
  • This temple is located in the Thagattur village of Vedaranyam Taluk , around 50 KM from Nagapattinam. About 7 KM from Vedaranyam.
  • Thagattur village is well connected from nearby towns like Thiruvarur, Thiruthuraipoondi, pattukkottai and Vellankanni.
  • The village Thagattur is located in the Nagapattinam – Kodiayakkarai route. The nearest Railway station is in Thiruthuraipoondi town.

Thagattur - Sri BairavaSwamy Temple History :

  • This place was refered in the name of “Yenthirapuri”. People were worship copper plates with significant religious signs called as “Yanthra” in this place. The Tamil name “Thakattur” itself refers the same.
  • Sri Bairavar is one of the several forms of Sri Shiva in particular it is the form of “Rudhra Roopam” of Lord Shiva. Dog is the vahana (mount) of Sri Bairavar.
  • Lord Sri Bairava Swamy created by Lord Shiva himself to destroy the demon king “Dharakasura”.
  • There are several forms of Sri Bairavar like Swarnakarshana Bairavar, Yoga Bairavar, Aadhi Bairavar, Kala Bairavar, Ukkra Bairavar and many more.
  • Sri Kala Bairava Swamy is the divine protector of Kasi (Banaras).
  • Lord Sri Ramachandra Moorthy after the victory in the battle with King Ravana came to Rameswaram. He wanted to perform a Shiva Pooja to get rid of the “Bhrammahatti Dosha” because of the slaying of Ravana.
  • Sri Ramachandra Moorthy asked Sri Hanuman to bring a shiva Linga from Banaras(Kasi) for the purpose of the Shiv Pooja.
  • Sri Hanuman rushed to Banaras to bring a Shiva Linga. At Banaras Sri Hanuman found a “Swayamu (self-proclaimed) Shiva linga” with the help of Sri Garuda (Vahana of Lord Vishnu) and a Lizard.
  • When Sri Hanuman took that Shiva Linga with him , he was stopped by Sri Bairavar as the Divine protector of Banaras(Kasi).
  • There was a battle between Sri Bairavar and Sri Hanuman. It prolonged for several days. Sages came in and stopped the battle by explaining the reason for the need of “Shiva Linga” to Sri Bairavar.
  • Satisfied with the reason Sri Bairavar allowed Sri Hanuman to take the Shiva Linga with him. Sri Bairavar also accompanied with Sri Hanuman in the journey to Rameswaram.
  • On the way to Rameswaram while crossing the village Thagattur Sri Bairavar felt that, it was a significant place to him and decided to stay at this place.
  • Thus the significant deities of this temple are “Sri Kala Bairavar” and “Sri Sattinathar”. It is a 500 to 1000 years old historical place.

Significance of Thagattur - Sri BairavaSwamy Temple :

  • Since Sri Kala Bairavar is considered as the Guru of Sri Saneeswara , devotees worship here to get rid of the malefic effect of planet Sri Saneeswara.
  • As Sri Bairava Swamy has the control over all the nine planets, people worship here to overcome the obstacles of all “Graha Dosha”.
  • To get mental courage, speedy recovery from diseases and the fulfilment of reasonable desires a yagna (a vedic ritual) is being performed in every eighth day after the full moon day (“ Theipirai Asthtami”) in this temple. Devotees visit and worship Sri Kala Bairavar on this day here.
  • Every Sunday evening between 4.30 PM to 6.00 PM is the “Raghu Kalam” (Time period of planet Raghu, considered as a inauspicious time) and in the Tamil month “Kiruthigai”, Bairava Ashtami day also a special puja is being performed here.
  • Every Monday and Fridays considered as auspicious days here. So a huge number of people worship on these days here.
  • Since Sri Bairava Swamy came from Kasi (Banaras) there are separate Shrines for Sri Kasi Viswanathar and Sri Visalakshi in this temple.
  • Sri Vinayagar , Sri Subramaniyar with his consort s Sri Valli and Sri Deivanai , Sri Durga and Sri Chandikeswara are also shower their blessings to the devotees in their respective shrines in this temple.
  • Just in front of the temple there is a tank considered as the “Theertha Kulam”. One bank of this tank there is a shrine for deities Sri Rowther, Sri Kathayee and Sri Karuppayee. These deities are Guardian Deities (“Kaval Deivam”) of this temple.
  • One who has obstacles in marriage related issues, waiting for a child boon, development in education and profession prays Sri Kala Bairava Swamy and gets the favorable results in their life.
  • This is the only temple in Tamil Nadu which is historically old one and Sri Bairava Swamy in the main shrine (Moola Sthanam) as the main deity (Moolavar).

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