Rameswaram - Tila / Pitru Homam

Rameswaram - Tila / Pitru Homam

Rameswaram - Tila / Pitru Homam Rameswaram - Tila / Pitru Homam

Rameswaram - Tila / Pitru Homam

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Tila Homam is a powerful vedic ritual performed to remove” Pitru dosha” ( Ancestor curses) if any, in one’s horoscope. It is also spelled as Thila Homam. By doing bali tharpanam and Homa, one can ensure the souls of their departed ancestors, who had met with unnatural death, rest in peace.

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What is Tila Homam :

Tila Homam is a powerful Vedic ritual performed to remove” Pitru dosha” (Ancestor curses), if any, in one’s horoscope. It is also spelled as Thila Homam. By doing Bali tharpanam and Homa, one can ensure the souls of their departed ancestors, who had met with unnatural death, rest in peace.

This type of ritual performed in Rameshwaram is something that will satisfy the pithrus (ancestors), and their blessing will not only be good for you but also for your children and grandchildren.

Thila Homam in Rameswaram :

India has so many ancient rituals which have been followed till now. One of the most powerful rituals till now is the thila homam in Rameswaram. “Thila” means “sesame seeds”, this is a kind of havan that is done using sesame seeds. Rameshwaram is considered to be one of the sacred places. This is the many people who visit there and get this ritual done.

Millions of devotees come to Rameshwaram from all over the world to attain Jeeva mukhti in their life and dissolve all the sins that the person has done before.

Different days to perform Thila Homam in Rameswaram

According to the Indian traditions, to perform thila homam in Rameswaram in Tamil can only be perfumed on certain auspicious days to get the best results of this procedure. The list is given below:

  • On Saturdays
  • On Bharani Nakshatra
  • Amavasai
  • Krishna Paksha Ashtami
  • Tamil month Purattasi (September- October)
  • During Shani Dhasha
  • When the Saturn is situated at the 8th place from Lagna in person’s Janam Patri (Birth Chart)

What are the reasons for Pitru Dosha :

  • If someone doesn’t perform the amavasya tharpanam and annual shrardham rituals regularly and properly, he is likely to get affected by Pitru Dosham.
  • According to Hindu Vedas and Puranas, If some one’s ancestor died of unnatural causes, the 4th generation (in case of Maternal side – Mother’s genealogy) and 7th generation (in case of Paternal side- Father’s genealogy) may get affected by Pitru dosha.

Ill-effects caused by Pitru Dosha :

It is seen that people that are having Pithru Dosha suffer from a lot of real-life problems, which cause a lot of stress to them. Some of the problems are mentioned below:

  • Delay in Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Unhappy married life
  • Illegal affairs
  • Delay in childbirth/ infertility
  • Frequent accidents or deaths in the family
  • Abortion

If you are the one that is facing any of such problems in life. It is high time to get the Rameshwaram Thila Homam ritual done. This puja will surely bless you and help in solving most of the problems in your life.

Where to do :

Tila Homam in general, can be performed in Tadagadeeram ( Banks of Lakes) , Nadhi deeram (River Banks) and Samuthra deeram ( seashores).

But,Rameshwaram is the best place & very famous for performing this powerful homam.

Rameshwaram Thila Homam Procedure :

Thila homam in Rameswaram in Tamil is a puja that has a lengthy procedure that needs to be undertaken well to get the best returns from it. There is a certain set of procedures that is followed by the priests. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Ganapathi Pooja
  • Mahasangalp
  • Nandhi
  • Vaishnava Srardham
  • Dhasa Dhaana
  • Punyahavasam
  • Lakshmi Narayan Pooja
  • Uma Maheshwar Pooja
  • Kama Dhenu, Kali Mata, Shani Bhagvan Pooja
  • Yamardarmaraja Pooja
  • Pithru Pooja
  • Janam
  • Homan
  • Punar Pooja
  • Brahmana Ashirvaad
  • Pinda Pradanam
  • Dissolving Pinda in Agni theertha or in Dhanushkodi
  • After Pooja getting a ritual bath with Kalas Theertham (The Holy Water)
  • Leave behind all the clothes worn during the Pooja
  • Brahmana Bojanam

So, the Rameshwaram Thila Homam is a lengthy procedure. The person that wants to get it done must be aware of this fact before only.

Why to perform Rameshwaram Thila Homam? :

This is the procedure that will bless Moksha for 3 generations of Ancestors. This procedure will provide the person with prosperity in life. It will release the ancestors from 28 narakas and free the soul from being struck into a river i.e. Vaitarani. Different people perform this procedure for different reasons, but the most common one is when there is unnatural death in the family. This is the type of Pooja performed for Lord Rudran (Siva).

In this Garuda Purana 28 Narkhas are stated which are listed below:

  • 1. Kalasutram
  • 2. Sucimukham
  • 3. Ksharakardamam
  • 4. Rauravam
  • 5. Sukaramukham
  • 6. Salmali
  • 7. Asitapatram
  • 8. Puyodakam
  • 9. Avichi
  • 10. Ayahpanam
  • 11. Mahararuravam
  • 12. Taptamurti
  • 13. Tamisram
  • 14. Andhatamtrsam
  • 15. Vajrakantakasali
  • 16. Visananam
  • 17. Dandasukam
  • 18. Sarameyasanam
  • 19. Lalabhaksam
  • 20. Pranarodham
  • 21. Vatarodham
  • 22. Paryavartanakam
  • 23. Kumbhipakam
  • 24. Raksobjaksam
  • 25. Sulaprotam
  • 26. Vaitarani
  • 27. Krimibhojanam
  • 28. Andhakupam

Different Silver idols used in Rameshwaram Thila Homam :

The Pooja will not be complete until all the required idols are not present there. Here is the list of idols used in this procedure. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Lord Lakshmi Narayanan
  • Lord Uma Maheshwaran
  • Lord Shani (Saturn)
  • Lord Atharvan Bathrakaali
  • Lord Sarpam (Serpent)
  • Lord Kamadhenu
  • Lord Yamadharmaraja
  • Male Ancestors and Female Ancestors

Significance and Benefits :

  • As per Hindu beliefs, this homa is performed to free the ancestors (who died un natuarally) from the hell and ensure a safe passage to swarga ,so that their soul can rest peacefully.
  • To get rid of pitru dosha and to seek their blessings
  • One can get abundant blessings from his ancestors to lead a happy , peaceful and prosperous life.
  • This procedure will make sure that the person brings back prosperity in the family life.
  • This Pooja will also help the person from the family to recover from the long illness
  • Once this Pooja is done, the family members will surely feel growth in their life that can be terms of health, career and happiness.
  • This will improve the peace of mind of the whole family
  • Even the relationship among the family members improves a lot.

When to do :

It can be done on any day in Rameshwaram. Any day is good only to perform ancestor rituals in Rameshwaram

How to book :

We offer an end to end Package, customizable to your varied requirements. Enquire to book immediately.

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