Kasi Yathra Sampoornam

Kasi Yathra Sampoornam

Kasi Yathra Sampoornam Kasi Yathra Sampoornam

Kasi Yathra Sampoornam

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As per the Hindu sastras, one needs to undertake pilgrimage to Kasi at least once in his/her life time and do rituals for ancestors and departed parents for the wellbeing of one’s family and its next generation.

About Kasi :

Kasi also known as Varanasi /Benaras and also spelled as Kashi is a very holy and sacred place for Hindus. It is believed that if some one dies in Kasi, the soul attains the salvation.

As per the Hindu sastras, one needs to undertake pilgrimage to Kasi at least once in his/her life time and do rituals for ancestors and departed parents for the wellbeing of one’s family and its next generation .

Kasi Yathra Procedure :

We ,Divinvite assure that we can make customised arrangements for Kasi Yathra including Vaidheega Karyams, Food, Accommodation and travel* based on the requirements and budget.

A. RAMESHWARAM : Kasi Yathra Sankalpam(1 Day)

  • The Kasi Yathra starts from a pilgrimage tour to Rameshwaram for performing a set of rituals known as Kasi Yathra Sankalpam.
  • Kasi Yathra Sangalpam starts with the following set of rituals.
    • Dhanushkodi Maha Sankalpam
    • Sethu Snanam
    • Dhanur Bana Puja
    • Srardham with 5 numbers Vedic Brahmins
    • Kshethra Pindam
    • Manal Puja.


  • One can reach Kasi and from there can go to Allahabad afterwards or vice versa.
  • The Allahabad rituals are as follows :
    • Prayag Mundan
    • Gaya Pindam (at akshaya vatam)
    • Kashi Dhandam (at kaal Bhairava temple)
    • Anugnai
    • Ganapathy Pooja
    • Graha preethi Dhanam
    • Veni Dhanam.
    • Triveni Sangama Snanam.
    • Hiranya srardham
    • Pinda Pradhanam
    • Shetra pindadhanam
    • Thila Tharpanam
    • Temples Darshan

The holy water to be collected and sealed in Copper vessels. Keep a separate sealed vessel with a reasonably large quantity of water in it ,for eg: half litre to be used for Rudrabishekam to Lord. Ramanathaswamy of Rameshwaram as part of Kasi Yathra Poorthi (Sampoorna).

C.KASI (2/3 days) :

One can perform Hiranya Srardham or complete full srardham spanning for 2 / 3 days. Don’t look for crows for offering the pindam. Because no crows are there in Kasi. The pindams are offered to cows only.

Kasi Rituals - Day 1 :

  • Anugnai
  • Ganapathi Pooja sankalpam
  • Navagraha preethi dhanam
  • Nandhi Srardham
  • Punyaha vachanam
  • Godhanam
  • Vaishnava srardham
  • Dhasa Dhanam
  • Pala Dhanam
  • kruchchara charanam
  • Maha Ashirvadham
  • Maha Sankalpam
  • Chakkara Theertha snanam
  • Manikarnika Theertha snanam

Kasi Rituals - Day 2 :

  • Manikarnika theertha srardham (or) Annaroopa theertha srardham (with homam)
  • Pinda dhanam
  • Thila tharpanam
  • kshetra pinda dhanam

Kasi Rituals – Day3 : (After completion of Gaya Rituals)

Pancha Ghat Theertha Srardham in the following Ghats of river Ganges

  • Assighat
  • Dhasasvamedha Ghat
  • Varana Ghat
  • Pancha Ganga Ghat
  • Manikarnika Ghat.

After performing theertha srardham at the above pancha Ghats, the following pujas will follow :

  • Ganga Mata pooja
  • Thambadhi pooja
  • Dhasa Dhanam
  • Pancha dhanam
  • Kalabairava Samaradhanai
  • Temple visits in Kasi

D.GAYA(1 day) :

  • Palghuni Theerthasnana maha sankalpam
  • Palghuni Theerthasnanam
  • Palghuni Hiranya srardham
  • Pinda dhanam, kshetra pinda dhanam, thila tharpanam
  • Vishnu padha hiranya srardham
  • Pinda pradhanam
  • Kshetra pinda dhanam
  • Vishnu padha dharisanam
  • Mathru shodachi
  • Akshya vata annasrardham( with homam)
  • Pinda pradhanam
  • Kshethra pinda pradhanam
  • Mathru Shodachi
  • Shaka, patra, pala dhanam
  • Bodhi vruksha Dharshan

(Its time to head back to Kasi for doing the 3rd day rituals over there as mentioned above)

C. RAMESHWARAM : Kasi Yathra Sampoornam (1 Day)

After completion of Kasi Pilgrimage, undertake Rameshwaram pilgrimage as part of Kasi Yathra conclusion and perform a Rudrabhishekam to Lord.Ramanathaswamy with the holy water taken from Allahabad.

After returning home, perform a “ Samaradhana Puja” with vedic Brahmins and offer them Bhojanam and dakshina.

Please read and understand the following points carefully :

  • The puja will be performed on the scheduled date either in the morning or in the evening as per the head priest's sole discretion based on other festivals and programs conducted in the temple.
  • Puja confirmation mail will be sent on the next day of the puja date. It's an automated mail, which will be manually intervened, only when there is a change in the puja schedule.
  • We will arrange to perform the puja either through our representatives/agents who will visit the temple in person or through the Priest of the temple himself depending upon our earlier set arrangements
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