Kumbakonam Chakrapani Temple - Thirumanjanam

Kumbakonam Chakrapani Temple - Thirumanjanam

Kumbakonam Chakrapani Temple - Thirumanjanam Kumbakonam Chakrapani Temple - Thirumanjanam

Kumbakonam Chakrapani Temple - Thirumanjanam

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Thirumanjanam is a vedic ritual performed at the Chakrapani Temple to get rid of all Navagraha Doshas.

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Benefits of Thirumanjanam in Chakrapani Temple :

  • Since Lord.Vishnu appeared in the form of “Chakra” (discus) - his powerful weapon- to quell the pride of the “ Sun God “ he is being worshipped as “ Chakrapani” . The Sun God had also became his devotee and as per his wishes, this place is called as “ Baskara Kshetram” .
  • Since the Sun God had prayed the Perumal , all Navagraha related doshas are neutralized and nullified by performing this Thirumanjanam here
  • The Lord will shower his blessings for Marriage & child boon

Chakrapani Temple History :

Chakrapani temple is located in the heart of Kumbakonam Town. When Lord.Vishnu sent his chakra to kill Asura King Jalandasura, the chakra after finishing its job came out of the nether world through the river cauveri in Kumbakonam. At that time, Lord Brahma who was bathing in the river saw the chakra and installed the image of the Sudharshana chakra in this place. Later on Lord Surya, the Sun God was astonished by the glowing Chakra and decided to suppress the same and increased his light to outshine it. Then Lord,Vishnu came out of the chakra and diminished his brightness. Lord. Surya realised his mistake and prayed to the Lord and became his devotee. He also built this temple for Lord. Vishnu who came to be known as “ Chakrapani” in this temple.

The Presiding Deity Lord.Vishnu is depicted as “ Chakrapani Perumal “ and his consort Goddess. Lakshmi is depicted as “ Vijaya valli Thayar”.

Significance of Chakrapani Temple :

  • Lord. Vishnu is blessing his devotees as “ Chakrapani” , the Lord of Discuss.
  • The Lord has a third eye on his forehead like Lord.Siva which is very rare in Vishnu temples.
  • The Lord is offered Vilva leaves like Lord.Siva during Archana apart from the usual Tulsi and Kumkum.
  • Thirumanjanam is a powerful Puja here for Marriage, & child boon

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