Kodumudi -Magudeswarar Rahu / Kethu Naga Prathista

Kodumudi -Magudeswarar Rahu / Kethu Naga Prathista

Kodumudi -Magudeswarar Rahu / Kethu Naga Prathista Kodumudi -Magudeswarar Rahu / Kethu Naga Prathista

Kodumudi -Magudeswarar Rahu / Kethu Naga Prathista

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This Special Puja is performed at Kodumudi– Magudeswarar Temple for the persons having Ragu Kethu Dosha or Naga Dosha.

This is done with installing Nagar ( Nagar Prathistai) made of stone under the Vanni Tree.

Benefits of Naga Prathista pariharam puja for Raghu / Kethu at Kodumudi – Magudeswarar Temple :

  • This is a special Parihara Puja for persons having Ragu/ Kethu dosham / naga dosham
  • This Puja will eliminate all Naga Doshas and other Doshas and devotees will see lot of improvements after performing this puja.
  • This temple also famous for removal of obstacles in marriage and childboon.
  • Devotees perform sashti abtha poorthy and Ayush Homam here.

Kodumudi – Magudeswarar Temple :

Kodumudi is situated at a distance of 47 KMs from Erode.

The presiding deity is Lord Shiva called Magudeswarar with his consort Thripurasundari. This temple is one of 276 Padal Petra Sthalam praised in Thevara Hymns.

Significance of Theeyathur – Kodumudi – Magudeswarar Temple :

  • Lord Shiva is swayambu moorthy facing east.
  • This temple is having shrines for Brahma and Vishnu also. People can worship the trinity here. Brahma is having 03 faces only.
  • We can see Vyakapada vinayagar having legs of tiger in the shrine of Vishnu.
  • The Vanni tree of this temple is considered very ancient.
  • Parihara Sthalam for - Avittam/Shravishta/ Dhanishta Nakshtra (Star) born people.

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