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Thiruthani is one of the famous temples of Lord.Muruga also known as Subramanya /Karthikeya, the Tamil GOD. Thiruthani Temple also spelled as Tiruttani Temple is highly sacred and is one of the Arupadaiveedu – one of the Six Abodes of Lord.Murugan

Benefits of Abishekam at Thiruthani :

Abishekam is performed to Lord.Subramanya. This is one of the main pujas of this temple and is considered powerful. Lord.Muruga being a benevolent God, he showers his blessings upon his devotees and grants boon.

All prayers and desires of the devotees who pray to this Lord with utmost devotion and sincerity are fulfilled by the grace of this Lord immediately.

Thiruthani Temple History :

Thiruthani Temple, the fifth arupadai veedu (fifth abode of Lord. Muruga) is located at Thiruthani Town, which is on Chennai - Mumbai Highway- 84 kms from Chennai and 13 kms from Arakkonam with good Rail and bus connectivity.

The Thiruthani temple is a 6th century temple and finds a mention in the very old “ Thirumurugattrupadai” a devotional poem dedicated to Lord,Muruga, composed by Nakkeerar , a tamil poet lived during the Sangam Literature period.

Like any other Murugan Temple, this Thiruthani Temple is on the top of Thiruthani Hill. The temple has 365 days indicating 365 days of the year.

The presiding deity is Lord Subramanyar- Murugan. His consorts Valli and Deivanai have shrines too. Lord.Muruga after vanquishing the asura King Surapadman at Tiruchendur is said to have quelled his anger and fury here.

Significance of Thiruthani Temple :

  • This is the fifth of the six holy abodes of Lord.Muruga son of Lord.Siva
  • Lord.Vishnu had prayed to Lord.Muruga here and got back his sacred wheel and conch which was seized by Tarakasura brother of the demon king Surapadma.
  • Lord.Rama after praying to Ramanatha Swamy at Rameshwaram came here at the behest of Lord,Siva and prayed Thiruthani Murugan and got full peace of mind
  • Lord.Muruga, “The God of wars” gives victory to his devotees in all their endeavours.
  • Snake God Vasuki prayed to this Lord and got his wound healed.

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