Sikkal - Navaneetheswarar Temple SatruSamhara Trisakthi Homam

Sikkal - Navaneetheswarar Temple SatruSamhara Trisakthi Homam

Sikkal - Navaneetheswarar Temple SatruSamhara Trisakthi Homam Sikkal - Navaneetheswarar Temple SatruSamhara Trisakthi Homam

Sikkal - Navaneetheswarar Temple SatruSamhara Trisakthi Homam

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This Homam is performed at Sri NavaneetheswararTemple - Sikkal for protecting us from all evil doers.

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Benefits of Homam at Sikkal - Sri NavaneetheswararTemple Temple :

  • This is a very powerful homam, It will give the devotee a turning point in life, for sure.
  • It will help us to protect us from all evil doers.
  • This Homam gives the devotee, power and happiness.
  • It shields and protects from enemies, as far as we are straightforward in nature.
  • It avoids and saves the devotee from his sins, evil eyes, bad planets effects, further gives good family relationship, improves mental fitness.
  • It makes the devotee to lead a loan free life.
  • Gives quick recovery from pandemic diseases. Provides sound health and Ashta Aishwaryam

Sikkal - Sri NavaneetheswararTemple Temple :

This Temple is situated in Tamil Nadu, Nagapattinam District. Located in the Nagapattinam – Thiruvarur route. 5 KM away from Nagapattinam.

The main diety of this Temple is Lord Shiva, at the same time Lord Muruga of this Temple is also as significant as Lord Shiva.

It is belived that ,Kamadenu worshiped in this temple by creating a milk pond. It is the theeritham of this temple , located backside of the temple.

A lingam was created by Maharishi Vashista ,to offer pooja to lord Shiva. This lingam was made of butter. Once the pooja was over , maharishi tried to take out the lingam, but he failed to do that .Because of this the place is called as Sikkal.

This is a madakovil. It was built by a Chola king “KochenkatCholan”. There are near about 70maadakovil (Temple) were built by Kochenkat Cholan.

MaadaKovil is a Temple has a kind of elevation in which an elephant can not enter into the Temple.

Significance of Sikkal - Sri NavaneetheswararTemple Temple :

  • This temple’s Lord Shiva was worshiped by Kamadenu, Maharishi Vashishtar and Thirumaal.
  • In the Tamil month Iyppasi, a festivel called “kandhasashti” performed for SikkalSingaravadivelan , which is name of lord Murugan of this temple.
  • The main occassion of this festivel is getting Vel from his mother goddes Parvathi, to defeat the demon SooraPadman.
  • During that time one could find drops of sweat on the Murugan’s idol. The Tamil proverb says that “Got the vel at Sikkal and defeated demon Soorapadman at Thiruchendur”.
  • There are separate Shrines for Lord Shiva, Goddess Paarvathi Devi, Lord Narayana, Lord Hanuman and Lord Ganesh.

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