Kathiramangalam Vanadurga – Chandi Homam

Kathiramangalam Vanadurga – Chandi Homam

Kathiramangalam Vanadurga – Chandi Homam Kathiramangalam Vanadurga – Chandi Homam

Kathiramangalam Vanadurga – Chandi Homam

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Chandi Homam is a very very powerful vedic ritual performed at Kathiramangalam Vana Durga temple ,to remove any type of hurdles and obstacles coming in the way of marriage of a person. It is a proven fact that thousands and thousands of devotees got married, after performing this powerful Homam .

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Benefits of Chandi Homam :

  • It removes all Rahu Graha Doshas
  • It gives victory from court cases and legal battles
  • It gives a prosperous ,happy life with all material comforts, power,fame, wealth..etc

Kathiramangalam Temple History :

Kathiramangalam is a village located 25 kms away from Kumbakonam town and 15 kms away from Mayiladuthurai on the parallel main road of Kumbakonam –Mayiladuthurai Main Road in Tamilnadu.

The Presiding Deity of this temple is the Goddess Durga herself depicted as “ Shri.Vana Durga Parameshwari. The Goddess, a manifestation of Goddess Parvathi came out of the hanger of Lord Siva and Lord.Vishnu to kill the very powerful demon King “ Mahishasura” . The war lasted for 9 days and the Goddess killed him on the 9th day of the war. After her hanger subsided she started penancing in this place which was a forest during those days. Rahu Baghavan and Sage Agasthiyar prayed here. At their behest, the Goddess agreed to manifest as Vana Durga .

About Goddess Durga in this temple :

  • She is the combined force of all the Gods to eliminate the evil forces. She is seen here with a calm and peaceful countenance.
  • Goddess Durga is known for granting boons to her devotees instantaneously. In Tamil language she is hailed as “Thruitha Nivarani “ ie: one God who can give instant relief from problems.
  • As per the legend, this goddess visits Varanasi in the night time and returns here during the day time.

Significance of Kathiramangalam Durga Temple :

  • One of the nine “ Nava Durga Temples “ of India.
  • By performing Pujas in this temple, one can identify and find out their “ Family Deity”. If someone is unsure of his/her family deity / Tutelary Deity , they can perform a puja here in favor of their family Deity and the goddess Durga will take the onus of delivering to the exact deity upon herself and ensures the blessings of their family deity is passed on to the devotees.
  • If one is very sincere and dedicated and does the puja well, the Vana Durga will help identify his/her family deity at his /her dream during the course of the time after performing the puja.
  • Helps to speed up the marriage process by eliminating any type of curses, Dhoshas that block the marriage
  • The Goddess grants child boons and gives relief from court / legal related cases.
  • This is the temple to pray for people whose birth star is Mrigashirsha . They need to visit this temple every year for upliftment of their life.

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