Nagapattinam - Neelayathatchi Amman Temple Abishekam Swamy and Ambal

Nagapattinam - Neelayathatchi Amman Temple Abishekam Swamy and Ambal

Nagapattinam - Neelayathatchi Amman Temple Abishekam Swamy and Ambal Nagapattinam - Neelayathatchi Amman Temple Abishekam Swamy and Ambal

Nagapattinam - Neelayathatchi Amman Temple Abishekam Swamy and Ambal

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This special Abishegam is performed in this temple for person who need a spiritual energy , sound health and Ashta Aiswaryam.

Benefits of Abishegam at Nagapattinam - Neelayathatchi Amman Temple :

  • One who perform this special Abishegam to Lord Sri Shiva, will be protected from all evil doers.
  • This Abishegam will give the devotee, power and happiness.
  • It shields and protects from enemies, as far as the devotee is straightforward in nature.
  • It avoids and saves the devotee from his sins and bad planets effects.
  • It further gives good family relationship, improves mental fitness.
  • Provides sound health and Ashta Aishwaryam.

About Nagapattinam - Neelayathatchi Amman Temple :

  • This Temple is situated in Tamil Nadu Nagapattinam District. In the heart of the town Nagapattinam.
  • Nagapattinam town can be reached from the nearby towns like Mayiladuthurai , Thiruvarur.

Nagapattinam - Neelayathatchi Amman Temple History :

  • The main deities of this temple are Lord Shiva called here, in the name of Sri Kayarogana Swamy, and Goddess Parvathi (Nelayathakshi Amman).
  • This temple is one of the Saptha (Seven) Vidanga Sthalam.
  • Lord Shiva linga statue of this temple, is a natural one (Swayambu). No tool like chisel (“Uli” in Tamil) was used to create this Shivalinga. This kind of Shiva Linga are called as “Vidangan”. This Lingam is refered in the name “Thiyagarajar”.
  • Once Lord Thirumal was worshiping Lord Shiva, in the form of a Shivalinga. Sri Thirumal gave this Linga to Sri Indhran.
  • Sri Indhran won the battle against the demon king “Athithan” with the help of the King “Musuguntha Chakravarthi”.
  • Musuguntha Chakravarthi requested the “Shiva linga” from Sri Indhran, as a repay for the victory of the battle. Since the “Shiva linga” was a precious one to Sri Indhran, he was not ready to give it to Musuguntha Charakvarthi. So, Sri Indhran played a trick.
  • He made six more “Shiva linga”, identical as the original one. Then he asked Musuguntha Charavarthy to identify the original linga out of those seven identical linga and said if Musuguntha Charavarthi identifies the original one , he would be allowed to take that with him.
  • With the blessings of Lord Shiva, the king identified the original one. Hence, Sri Indhran felt guilty and asked the king to take all the seven identical Shiva Linga with him. All lingam are called in the name of “Thiyagarajar”.
  • Musuguntha Chakaravarthi mount one at Thiruvarur temple.The other six Thiyagarjar idols are Thirunallaru, Thiru Nagaikarokanam, Thirukaravayal, Thirukolili ,Thiruvaimoor, Vedaranyam temples. All these temples are called as “Saptha (seven) Vidanga Sthalam”.
  • The Chola Kings Sri Rajarajan the first, Kulothungan contributed a lot as patronage to this temple during their ruling period.
  • This temple belongs to the sixth century AD.

Significance of Nagapattinam - Neelayathatchi Amman Temple :

  • Sri Adithseshan worshiped in the temple.
  • The Nandhi at this temple sees the God with one eye and the other eye looks the Goddess. People with vision related issues pray to this Nandhi for quick remedy.
  • As the Lord Shiva known as God of dance, in every Sapthavidanga Sthalam,it is belived that he performed different styles of dance. In this temple with the name “Sundara Vidangar” the Lord performed a dance. The style of that dance resembles waves movement of the ocean.
  • Sri Shiva with Goddess Parvathi gave a dharshan to the saint Sri Agasthiyar in a wedding posture. One who pray the God and Goddess of this temple will get married soon.
  • There is a separate shrine for Sri Thiyagarajar in this temple. Considered one of the “Sakthi Peedam” (significant temple) of Goddess Parvathi.
  • Auspicious days like “Vaikasi Visagam”,” Adi Pooram” are celebrated in a big way in this temple.
  • Saints Thirunavukkarasar, Thirugnasambanthar, Sundarar praised the Lord Shiva of this temple in their “Thevara Pathigam” (Poems about Sri Shiva).
  • The great Saint Sri Arunagirinathar praised the Lord of this Temple , in his “Thirupugazh”.
  • The great devotee Athipatha Nayanar (one of the 63 Nayan mar) worshipped God and Goddess in their real form in this temple. A separate shrine of Athipatha Nayanar is in this temple.
  • The Nagaparana Vinayagar and a unique form of Navagragha are significant in this temple. One who worship these Gods will get rid of the Raghu, Kethu related issues of their horoscope.
  • There are separate shrines for “Ashta Buja Kali”, Gaja Lakshmi, Dhana Lakshmi, Lord Murugha with consorts Sri Valli and Sri Deivanai.

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