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It’s a vedic ritual performed at Uppiliappan Temple, to bless the devotees with marriage boon and couple’s unity. It also showers the worshipper with prosperity ,wealth..etc.

Benefits of Thirukalyanam :

It’s a vedic ritual performed at Uppiliappan Temple, to bless the devotees with marriage boon and couple’s unity. It also showers the worshipper with prosperity ,wealth..etc.

Uppiliappan Temple History :

This temple is located in Thirunageswaram on the outskirts of Kumbakonam Town. It’s situated approximately 6 kms from Kumbakonam.

The presiding deity Lord.Vishnu is depicted as Uppliappan or Oppiliappan and his consort Goddess Lakshmi is depicted as “Bhoomi Devi”. The Lord had also given a special place for Tulsi who wanted to reside in the chest of the Lord like how Goddess Lakshmi resides in the Lord’s heart.

The Lord had told her that Lakshmi got that after several years of penance and she would incarnate herself as Bhoomi Devi in the earth, on the banks of river Cauveri, to fulfill the wishes of Sage Markandeya. He instructed Tulsi to appear as Tulsi Plants on the banks of Cauvery so that Lakshmi could be incarnate under the shadows of the plant.

Sage Markandeya wanted to have the Lord.Vishnu as his Son-in-Law and Goddess Lakshmi as his daughter. He came to this place and started a severe penance here as he found this place more suitable . The Goddess born under the shadows of the Tulsi Plant and the sage was very pleased upon seeing her. He started raising the child and was waiting for the Lord to marry her. Meanwhile, the God came in the guise of an old man and wanted to marry the sage’s daughter. In a bid to avoid the old man the sage replied him that his daughter was too young to cook and not even aware of adding salt to the food. The Lord informed that he was ready to eat food with out Salt also. Realising that the old man was none other than the God himself, he agreed to marry his daughter off and performed “Kanniyadhanam” of his daughter too to the Lord. Even today, all the food offerings to the Lord is prepared without salt only.

Significance of Uppiliappan Temple :

  • The temple is 13th among the 108 famous Vaishnava Divya Desams of Perumal.
  • This temple is known as “ Thenn Thirupathi ( South Thirupathi) and the Lord. Vishnu is considered as the elder brother of Thirupathi Balaji and accepts all prayers, vows meant for Thirupathi Balaji here in this Kshetra and blesses devotees on his brother’s behalf.
  • Famous Azhwars have sung Mangalasasanam praising this Perumal.
  • During Sravanam ( Thiruvonam) devotees offer Sandal and Kumkum to get rid of Brahmahathi Dosha.
  • Offering Puja utensils like Puja Bell, ladle for harathi would relieve from all sins
  • Performing pujas would ensure Unity and Harmony among married couples.

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