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Abhishekam can be performed at Thirumancheri temple for Lord Siva and Goddess Parvathi ,to remove any type of hurdles and obstacles coming in the way of marriage of a person.

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Benefits Of Special Parihara Abhishekam

Special Parihara Abhishekam is performed at Thirumancheri temple to remove any type of hurdles and obstacles coming in the way of the marriage of a person. It is a proven fact that thousands and thousands of devotees got married after performing this powerful homa. It will pave the way for early marriage.

Thirumancheri Temple History

Thiru Manam Cheri is a village located near Mayiladuthurai town of Nagapattinam District. The name of the place in Tamil denotes “ Marriage Village” . Thirumanam in Tamil means “ Marriage” and Cheri means a small hamlet or tiny village. As per the legend Lord Siva married Goddess Parvathi in this place and hence it is known as Thirumanancheri. Another name for this temple is “ Udhvaganathar Temple”..

As per the legend, this temple was built by a Queen named Sembian Madevi of the Chola Dynasty. The name of the temple is Sri Kalyanasundareswarar swamy Temple, popularly known as “Thirumanancheri Temple” . It is a world famous temple for removing marriage related obstacles. This temple is considered one of the shrines of the 275 Padal Petra Sthalams of Lord Siva.One can find it glorified in the early mythological Tevaram poems written and sung by Thirunavukkarasar and Thirugnana Sambandar of the famed 63 nayanmars.

Thirumanancheri Temple: Dedicated to Marriage

Although there are so many temples that are related to marriage among all of them, Thirumanancheri Temple is one such temple that has the most belief of the people when it comes to marriage. According to Hindu Mythology, Parvati once expressed her desire towards Lord Shiva to have the experience of an earthy Wedding with them. It is believed that her expressed desire was fulfilled. A dispute occurred during the game of chess in Mount Kailash. So, according to the verdict of Lord Shiva, Parvati goes back to the earthy life. In the middle of her wandering, she reached a place known as Komal, where Lord Vishnu assumed the form of Cowherd to take care of his sister. After a lot of things, Lord Shiva and Parvati reunited and got married again in Thirumanancheri.

Thirumanancheri Temple Specialty

Many people even believe today that all the men and women who are facing delays in their marriage due to different circumstances can come here to Thirumanancheri Temple and worship Lord Shiva. Manmadhan is believed that he worshiped Lord Shiva at the Sthalam. This temple is closely related to the marriage of Lord Shiva and Parvati. So, whosoever comes to this place is blessed with the good things that will help to get married soon.

Almost all times of the year, this temple is crowded. Many people come to visit this temple from different parts of the world as it contributes to marriage as has great importance in Indian society. The person must offer special prayers to the lord and get blessings from this temple.

Once the offerings are made, the person is provided with the garlands worn by god and goddess. These garlands need to be kept carefully with you until you get married. Once the person gets married, they need to come back to the temple and wear the same garlands and offer prayers again as thanksgiving.

This temple celebrates the wedding month of Chithirai, which starts from April to May on the Poosa star days, with great joy. This temple has special references given in Thevaram Hymns of Thirugnanasambandar, Sundarar, and Thirunavukkarasar.

Know the history of Thirumanancheri temple pooja for marriage

The Thirumanancheri temple is located almost 6 km from the place called Kuthalam. This temple is one of the famous temples of Lord Shiva, where the devotees worship Lord Shiva as Kalyanasundareswarar and Goddess Parvati as Kokilaambal. Lord Shiva is also known as Uthvaanganathar in Sanskrit. In the Tamil language, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati are addressed as 'Arul Vallal' and 'Kuyilinmenmozhiammai'. The Thirumanancheri temple is the divine place where the marriage of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati took place. So, the people who are facing problems with the marriage can come to this place and seek the blessings of the lord. Even some people come here to seek the blessings of having children.

The Thirumanancheri temple pooja for marriage is constructed by the Chola Queen named Sembiyanmadevi during the time of the Chola Dynasty. This place is being referred to in the Thevara song by the experts Gnanasambandhar and Thirunavukarasar. The main Story behind this temple is that God and Goddess to birth at this place and also got married here. Even once Lord Shiva cursed Goddess Parvati, and she incarnated herself and become the daughter of Bharatvajrishi and again Married Lord Shiva.

Specialties of Thirumanancheri temple

It is believed that this temple is the holy place where Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati got married. Due to the curse of Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati was born as a cow. Then the cow was born as the daughter of Saint Bharatwaja Rishi who worshipped Lord Shiva. The Saint chose Lord Shiva as his daughter's husband and got them married according to the local marriage ceremonies. There Both Lord Shiva and Goddess Paravati didn't set their eyes but set their hearts and made this place remarkable.

According to the Hindu Mythology, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati is a divine couple and stand with high prestige on the south side of the temple and bless all their devotees. All the unmarried men and women can come to this place to get the blessings of the Divine couple so that they can find the perfect match for themselves and start a new phase of life with them. The blessing from this temple will surely remove all the obstacles that might be leading the person to delayed marriage.

It is a proven fact that the devotees who pray to the lord by offering garlands to the divine couple for getting the blessings for the wedding can end up with this. Many people have experienced a quick marriage after they were blessed at this temple.

Different Power of Prayers at Thirumanancheri Temple

Many unmarried women and men should come to this temple to offer prayers to the Divine couple and offer them garlands. This will surely remove all the obstacles that are leading to the delayed marriage and also opens the path toward their perfect match partner. The person can get the special thirumanancheri marriage pooja procedure which is done by the priests of this temple. This Pooja, once done, will help the person to settle down in life quickly.

Once the person's marriage is done, the person is recommended to come again to the temple with their spouse and again seek blessings from the couple for better marriage life. Even different poojas are conducted for the people who want to start their married life after separation.

Offer prayer for the birth of a child at Thirumanancheri Temple

If the married couple wants to have a child, they can come to this temple during the new moon day and offer their prayers to 'Raghu Bhagavan'. On this day, the married couple has to offer garlands to the lord so that their wish for the child must get fulfilled soon. Different poojas are held on different days; the person can one done according to the problem he/ she is facing in life.

Poojas and festivals at Thirumanancheri Temple

  • Daily Poojas: At this temple, daily, six poojas take place i.e., Ushakkalam, Uchikalam Sayaratchai, Kalai Santhi, Artha Jamam, and Irandam Kalam.
  • Weekly Poojas: For the welfare of the world, every Tuesday and Friday, Sahasranamam and Lalitha Thiruchathi Archana takes place in this temple, where common prayers will be conducted.
  • Monthly Poojas: According to the 1st day of Tamil month i.e., "Karthigal" and during Pradosham, special poojas are done. This will include 'Sangadahara Sathurthi', 'Pooja Natchathiram' and 'Umamaheswara Homam' will be done to Kalyana Sundarar.
  • Annual Poojas: Different festivals are celebrated in this temple i.e., Navarathiri, Vijayadasami, Thirukkarthigai, and Aruda Dharshanam. Many devotees come at this time of the year to offer their prayers to the Divine couple.

How to reach Thirumanancheri Temple?

There are different modes used by people. Let's have a look at them.

  • By Air: The nearest airport to this temple is Tiruchirapalli which is around 115 km of distance from the temple.
  • By Rail: The nearest rail junctions to this temple are Mayiladuthurai Junction and Kumbakonam Junction.
  • By Bus: You can easily find the bus service for this temple from different cities. So, you will not find any difficulty reaching this temple by bus.

Thirumanancheri Temple timings

The temple is open for darshan in Morning from 6:00 AM to 1:30 PM and from 3:30 PM to 8:30 PM. The Ambal Abhishekam takes place between 7:30 AM to 8:30 AM.

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Significance of Thirumanancheri Temple :

  • By performing Homa (Havan) , Abishekam or Archana in this temple, one can overcome the obstacles faced by them in getting married.
  • Helps to speed up the marriage process by eliminating any type of curses, Dhoshas that block the marriage
  • Helps to get rid of the strains in the relationship of married couples thus ensuring a smooth life afterwards
  • Helps to avoid break up and divorce among married couples.
  • Blesses the childless couples , for conceiving a baby
  • Any day is auspicious here. Raghu kalam, Emakandam, Ashtami,Navami and days considered as inauspicious days will be nullified here. So,all days are auspicious to perform the remedial Homa/Abishekam/ Archana.
  • Should keep the garland Prasadam in the Puja room till one gets married
  • Post Marriage, one should visit the temple again, along with his/her spouse and bring the Garland Prasadham back to the temple as part of thanksgiving.

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