Trichy - Uthamar Koil Temple Spl Puja for Brahma

Trichy - Uthamar Koil Temple Spl Puja for Brahma

Trichy - Uthamar Koil Temple Spl Puja for Brahma Trichy - Uthamar Koil Temple Spl Puja for Brahma

Trichy - Uthamar Koil Temple Spl Puja for Brahma

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  • This special Pooja is performed at Trichy - Uthamar Koil Temple Spl Puja for Brahma to change our destiny.
  • This Puja can be performed in the absence of the devotee.
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Benefits of Spl Puja at Trichy - Uthamar Koil Temple :

Special Archana is an online puja performed at Uthamarkoil also known as Bikshadanar or Bikshandar Temple, wherein puja will be performed in the absence of the devotee and it is an online/ E Puja, for change of destiny.

Since,Lord Brahma being the creator , can change our destiny if we worship him here .

This is one of the rare temples where Lord.Brahma , Lord.Vishnu and Lord.Siva,-the Holy Tirumurthis –the Supreme Gods - have separate dedicated shrines in the temple. Along with their respective consorts.

About Trichy - Uthamar Koil Temple :

  • Uthamarkoill village is situated in the outskirts of Trichy City and is a growing Suburb of the city.
  • Nearest Railway station is Trichy.

Trichy - Uthamar Koil Temple History :

  • This is one of the very few temples in India where Brahma has got a dedicated shrine for himself.
  • This temple is believed to be more than 1500 years old built by the “Medieval Cholas” and later on Vijayanagara Kings and the Madurai Nayaks had contributed to the development of the temple.
  • Lord. Siva had plucked out Brahma’s fifth head since the later had become arrogant as he had 5 heads like Lord.Siva and felt himself superior to the Lord. The plucked skull got stuck in his palm due to Bramahathi Dosha curse (due to killing of a Brahmin. He had to beg for food with the skull and could not be filled by any one as the Lord also had to suffer because of the curse.
  • He finally reached this place and Mother Mahalakshmi had offered food to the Lord and it filled his stomach.
  • Lord Siva is known as Bikshadanar or Bikshandavar and his consort Parvathy is depicted as Soundarya Nayaki or Vadivudainayaki.
  • The Perumal shrine of this temple is one of the 108 Divya Desam Temples, finds special mention in the sacred hymns sung by Azhwars.The Lord is known as Purushothamar and his consorts Lakshmi is known by the name Poornavalli Thayar.
  • Lord Brahma has got a dedicated shrine and his consort Saraswathi also got one separate shrine.

Significance of Trichy - Uthamar Koil Temple :

  • This temple is very ancient and sacred and one can find it glorified in the Sacred Hymn sung by the famed Azhwar Saints of Lord.Vishnu. It is one of the 108 Divya Desam Temples of Vishnu.
  • This is one of the very few ancient temples of the famed Trimurthis –Brahma ,Vishnu and Sivan.
  • This is the Guru Parihara Kshethra -Saptha Guru Kshethra ie: S even Gurus are blessing the devotees viz Brahma Guru,Vishnu Guru (Varadha Rajar),Siva Guru (Dakshinamurthy) ,Shakthi Guru(Parvathi)Gnana Guru (Subramanya) ,Deva Guru (Jupiter) and Asura Guru(Sukran)
  • Dasartha father of Lord.Rama installed and worshiped Lord.Siva and got the child boon here and hence the linga came to be known as as “Dasaratha Lingam” ,which is in the Koshtam.
  • Brahma showers his blessing s and boons to all the devotees who worship him here as per Vishnu’s instruction. He was instructed to fulfil the devotee’s desires.

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