Kumbakonam - Sri Agora Veerabhadra Swamy Temple Spl Puja for Swami and Ambal

Kumbakonam - Sri Agora Veerabhadra Swamy Temple Spl Puja for Swami and Ambal

Kumbakonam - Sri Agora Veerabhadra Swamy Temple Spl Puja for Swami and Ambal Kumbakonam - Sri Agora Veerabhadra Swamy Temple Spl Puja for Swami and Ambal

Kumbakonam - Sri Agora Veerabhadra Swamy Temple Spl Puja for Swami and Ambal

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  • This special Pooja is performed at Sri Agora Veerabadhra Swamy Temple , Kumbakonam for consistent improvement in life..
  • This Puja can be performed in the absence of the devotee.
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  • Assured delivery within 45 working days.
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  • The Prasadam includes the following items.
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    • Kumkum


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Benefits of Special Puja at Kumbakonam - Sri Agora Veerabhadra Swamy Temple :

  • Very powerful Puja, It will give the devotee a turning point in life, for sure.
  • It will help us to protect from all evil doers.
  • It shields and protects from enemies, as far as the devotee is straightforward in nature.
  • It avoids and saves the devotee from his sins and bad planets effects.
  • This puja gives the devotee, power and happiness.
  • It avoids and saves the devotee from his sins and bad planets effects.
  • It further gives good family relationship, improves mental fitness.
  • It makes the devotee to lead a loan free life.
  • Gives quick recovery from pandemic diseases.
  • Provides sound health and Ashta Aishwaryam.

About Kumbakonam - Sri Agora Veerabhadra Swamy Temple :

  • This Temple is situated in Tamil Nadu Thanjavur District, Kumbakonam.
  • This temple is located in the heart of the town, near Mahamagam Tank Kumbakonam .
  • Kumbakonam town can be reached from nearby towns like Karaikal , Mayiladurai, Thanjavur, Thiruvarur and Jayankondam.

Kumbakonam - Sri Agora Veerabhadra Swamy Temple History :

  • The significant deities of this temple is “Sri Agora Veerabadhra Swamy”. This is the place where Sri Veerabadhra Swamy came to safeguard the “Nava Kanniyar” (Nine Virgins).
  • The main deity Sri Agora Veerbadhra Swamy appeared from the third eye of Lord Shiva, with sparks. As per the order of Lord Shiva, Sri Agora Veerabadhra Swamy destroyed King Dhaksha(Father of Goddess Parvathi alias Dhakshayani) and his yagna.
  • Sri Veerabhdra Swamy took a ferocious form called as “Sri Agora Veerabadra Swamy” , to destroy the “Yegna” and killed Dhaksha by chopped his head.
  • The divine rivers Ganga, Yamuna , Saraswathi, Narmada, Cauvery , Godavari, Thungabadra, Krishna and Sarayu are considered as “Nava Kanniyar”.
  • People dip into these divine rivers to get rid of their sins. But these rivers are affected by the sins of the people.
  • The “Nava Kanniyar” met Lord Shiva and seek his advice to get rid of their sins accumulated by the people’s holy dip .
  • Lord shiva adviced them to have a holy dip into the “Mahamagam Tank” of Kumbakonam. Lord Shiva ordered “Sri Agora Veerabadhara Swamy” to accompany them as a guard.
  • Thus in this temple Sri Agora Veerabadhra resides and showers his blessings to the Devotees.
  • It is nearly 1000 years old temple.

Significance of Kumbakonam - Sri Agora Veerabhadra Swamy Temple :

  • The statues of the divine rivers considered as “Nava Kannika” are in a separate shrine in this temple. The added significant of this shrine is facing the “Mahamagam Tank” and always in the vision of the “Nava Kannikas”.
  • Every year the Tamil month of Masi magam Star day is considered as significant one.The Mahamagam festivel celebrated once in Twelve years. It is strongly belived that the holy rivers take a dip and bath on this auspicious days in the Mahamagam tank, to refresh themselves and get rid of the accoumulated sins of the devotees.
  • The propitious “Masi Magam” star day Sri Kumbeshwara of nearby Kumbeswaran temple, visits to this temple to bless Sri Agora Veerabadhra Swamy who offers puja to Lord Shiva here.
  • There is a separate shrine for “Sri Badhra Kali” in this temple who safeguards Sri Agrora Veerabadhra Swamy.
  • Sri Veerabadhra Swamy also called as “Ganga Veereswara”.Lord Viswanathar ,Sri Visalakshi, Sri Dhakshanamoorthi, Sri Rajarajeswari, Sri Moorka Nayanar(one of the 63 significant Lord Shiva’s devotees called as “Nayanmars”), Sri vinayaga are also shower the blessings from their respective shrines at this temple to the devotees.
  • Another significant is the great Tamil Poet “ Kavi Chakaravarthi Ottakoothar” dedicated his poetic writeup “Thakkaya barani” to the people at this temple. In this he praised a lot about Sri Agora Veerabadhra swamy. “Bharani” is a form of tamil creative writing which praise about a brave man who won a particular battle.
  • The Poet “Kavi Chakaravarthi Ottakoothar” is also there in the form of an idol who worship “ Sri Agora Veerabadhra Swamy” here.
  • The Tamil months Panguni Rohini Star day, Masi Maga star day,Avani Uthiram star day , Maha Shivrathri and Shivrathri days of every Tamil month are considered as auspicious days in this temple. Lot of people visit and pray on these days for their consistent development in their life.
  • One who is not firm in decision making, unnecessary hesitation , unnecessary fear about issues in life, prays Sri Veerabadhra swamy of this temple to overcome these obstacles.
  • This temple facing the western direction, the main deity Sri Kasi Viswanathar also facing the west.
  • Sri Bhrama Devar pay tribute to Sri Agora Veerabadha Moorthi in his “Sri Kumbeswarar Sthothiram”. This shows the association of Lord Shiva “Sri Kumbeswara” with Sri Agora veerabadhra Swamy.

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