Thirukadaiyur-Spl Parihara Puja for longevity

Thirukadaiyur-Spl Parihara Puja for longevity

Thirukadaiyur-Spl Parihara Puja for longevity Thirukadaiyur-Spl Parihara Puja for longevity

Thirukadaiyur-Spl Parihara Puja for longevity

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  • This special Pooja is performed at Thirukadaiyur - Sri Amirthakateswarar Temple.
  • This Puja can be performed in the absence of the devotee
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Benefits of Special Parihara Puja at Thirukadaiyur - Sri Amirthakateswarar Temple:

  • Very powerful Puja, gives sound health and long life span.
  • It gives quick recovery from physical illness and psychological diseases.
  • It also gives good employment opportunities and progress in profession.
  • It further gives good family relationship, relieve from depression and improves mental fitness.
  • It will give timely marriage and removes obstacles in marriage related issues to eligible devotee.
  • It will give the devotee a fearless mind and will power for sure.
  • It will give Job and Business developments and job security also.
  • It will help us to take clear decisions for the positive results in critical circumstances .
  • This puja gives child boon to the eligible devotee.
  • It shields and protects from enemies, as far as we are straight forward in nature.
  • It avoids and saves the devotee from his sins, bad planets effects.
  • It makes the devotee to lead a loan free life.
  • The devotee will excel in their profession.
  • Provides Ashta Aishwaryam.

Benefits of Special Parihara Puja at Thirukadaiyur - Sri Amirthakateswarar Temple:

  • This temple is situated in Tamil Nadu Nagapattinam District., Thirukkadaiyur Village.
  • Thirukurukkai village is located in the Mayiladuthurai – Tharangambadi route.
  • From Seerkazhi reach the Akkur , from there Thirukkadaiyur is around 5 Kilo Meters in distance.
  • The Thirukkadaiyur village is around 20 Kilo Meters from Mayiladuthurai town.
  • The nearest towns around Thirukkadaiyur village are Karaikal, Seerkazhi, Peralam and Kuthalam.
  • Nearest Railway station is Vaitheeswaran Koil.

Special Parihara Puja is a vedic ritual performed at Thirukadaiyur – Abirami Sametha Amirtha Gadesa Temple to remove fear of Yama from mind and improve longevity and peacefulness in life.

All Yama , the Lord of Death related doshas will be eliminated

  • Removes the fear of Yama, the God of death from mind
  • Improves longevity of Age
  • Improves health , happiness and peace

It is a proven fact that thousands and thousands of devotees got benefited, after performing this ritual.

Thirukadaiyur - Sri Amirthakateswarar Temple History :

  • This place was called in other names like Thirukkadavur Veerattam, Vilvaranyam, Bhramenthra Sthalam.
  • Lord Sri Shiva showered blessings to his devotee Sri Markandeya in this place. As per the fate of Sri Markandeya, his life span was only 16 years. At the end of the age 16 , Sri Ema came to take the life of Sri Markandeya.
  • To save himself Sri Markandeya reached here and hugged Lord Sri Amirthakadeswarar in the form of Linga, of this temple. But Sri Ema wanted to carry out his duty. He tried to catch Sri Markandeya without any concern about the existence of Lord Sri Shiva.
  • Because of this arrogance of Sri Tharma Raja (“Sri Ema”) Sri Shiva get annoyed , and killed Sri Ema. Thus “Sri Kala Samhara Moorthi” (In Tamil “Kala” means Sri Ema) saved Sri Markandeya. He was affirmed as a “Siranjeevi” (immortal) by Sri Kala Samhara Moorthi.
  • Sri Subramanya Pattar, a great devotee of Sri Abirami Thayar, was living in Thirukkadaiyur few hundred years back. He was always chanting the name of Sri Abirami Thayar without the realization of the present world.
  • One day the Maratha King Sri Saraboji Maharaj came to Thirukkadaiyur to worship Sri Amirthakadeswar of this temple. It was Tamil month Thai Ammavasya (“ No Moon Day”).
  • Sri Subramanya Pattar was also in the temple at the time of Sri Saraboji Maharaj’s visit. The king asked Sri Subramaniya Pattar about the “Thithi” (day) of the date.
  • Sri Subramaniya Pattar was in a deep mediation and he was worshipping the dazzling face of Sri Abirami Thayar. With that sense he replied to the King that it was a Full Moon day (“Pournami Thithi”).
  • Sri Saraboji Maharaj ordered to Sri Subramaniya Pattar to prove that it was a Full Moon day. Sri Pattar then become conscious and felt his mistake.
  • In the evening of that day he worshipped Sri Abirami Thayar and started to sung the great hymns “Sri Abirami Anthathi” to rescue him from this difficulty. Sri Abirami Anthathi is the collection of 100 hymns.
  • When Sri Subramaniya sung the 79 th hymn stating with the words “Vizhikke Arulundu” Sri Abirami threw up her “ear stud” in the sky for the purpose of saving her devotee.
  • That ornament was glittering on the sky and it was looking like thousands of Moons. Hence Sri Abirami Thayar showered her blessings to “Sri Abirami Pattar” in this sthalam. Yes , Sri Subramaniya Pattar was then called as “Sri Abirami Pattar” after this episode.
  • All the Chola Dynasty kings from Sri Rajarajan I to Vikrama Chola contirbuted a lot to this temple for the maintenance and the welfare of this temple. This list includes Sri Rajendra I , Sri Vijaya Rajendra and Sri Gulothunga Chola.
  • The King Sri Krishna Devaraya also contributed a lot for the wellbeing of this temple.
  • The present temple build by the Chola dynasty.
  • This temple has a history of more than 2000 years.

This is one of the special temple, specifically meant for removing fear of Kala (also known as Yama, the God of Death) of the devotees. The presiding deity is Lord.Shiva, who is worshiped here as “ Amirthakadeshwarar” and the Goddess Parvati, his consort, is depicted as Abirami Amman. This temple is considered as one of the shrines of the 275 Padal Petra Sthalams of Lord Siva. One can find it glorified in the early mythological Tevaram poems written and sung by the famed 63 nayanmars.

Significance of Thirukadaiyur - Sri Amirthakateswarar Temple :

  • This temple is one of the “Atta Veerattana Sthalam(Place)”.
  • The “Atta Veerattana Sthalam” temples are as follows
    • Thirukkandiyur
    • Thirukkovilur
    • Thiruvathigai
    • Thiruppariyalur
    • Thiruvirkkudi
    • Vazhuvur
    • Thirukurukkai
    • Thirukkadavur
  • “Atta Veerattana Sthalam” are the eight places where Lord Shiva showed his courageous presentations.
  • All these are Lord Shiva temples.
  • The great Tamil Saints and Poets “Thirugnanasambathar, Thirunavukkarasar, Sundarar” are called as “Devara Moovar”. They visited various temples of Lord Sri Shiva and graced him with their Hymns. These temples are considered as “Devara Paadal Petra Sthalangal”.
  • A world famous temple for increasing longevity of life
  • This is the 47 th “Devara Paadal Petra Sthalam” in the Southern side of river Kaveri. There are 276 Devara Thalangal.
  • Fear of Yama, the God of death will be totally removed from the mind.
  • The Goddess Abirami is a very powerful God,who blesses all her devotees with lavish boons
  • This is a very ancient temple dates back to the 10th century.
  • The Lord Sri Amirthakadeswarar of this temple praised by the Devara Moovar in their “Devaram” Hymns.
  • Sri Thirugnana Sambanthar praised in one “Pathigam” (Hymn) , Sri Thirunavukkarasar alias Sri Appar praised in three Pathigam and Sri Sundarar praised in one Pathigam.
  • There are six abodes (“Padai Veedu”) for Sri Murugha. Similarly Sri Ganapathi also has six abodes. The temples at Thiruvannamalai, Viruthachlam , Thirukkadavur, Madurai , Pillaiyar Patti, Thirunaraiyur are considered as Sri Vinayaga’s six abodes.
  • Sri Vinayagar of this temple is called as “Kalla Varana Vinayagar” alias “Sri Soramaha Ganapathi” is also so significant. Thirukkadaiyur temple is the third one of the six abodes of Sri Ganapathi. Sri Abirami Pattar prasied Sri Ganapathi of this temple in his “Thiru Kadavur Kalla Vinayagar Pathigam” (Hymns).
  • This is the West facing temple has two entrances. One in the East and the other entrance is in the West. Moolavar Sri Amirthakadeswarar in the Karbhagraha. At the left side of the Karbhagraha Sri Shiva is in another form called as “Kala Samhara Moorthi”.
  • Pepole pray to Sri Juradevar of this temple to get rid of from disease like fever.
  • Navagragha deities are not present in this temple.
  • Thayar “Sri Abirami” is in a separate shrine which is East facing one and situated in the right side before entering into the main entrance of the temple. Goddess Sri Saraswathi Devi also present in this shrine.
  • Another “Paadal Petra Sthalam” Thirukavur Mayanam temple is located just 2 Kilo Meters way in the East of this temple.
  • Sri Amirtha Narayana Permual with his consort Sri Amirtha Valli Thayar is in a nearby temple in Thirukkadaiyur. This temple is considered as the Raghu , Kethu Parikara Thalam. Sri Amirtha Narayana Perumal of this temple is also related to the legend (“Thala Puranam”) of Sri Amirthakadeswar Temple.
  • This is the birth place of Kaari Nayanar , Kungiliakalaya Nayanar who are the associates of the “63 Nayanmaar” . The 63 Nayanmaar (Sage who lived in the era between Sixth to Eighth centuries) are the Shiva devotees dedicated their entire life to Lord Shiva.
  • Sri Amirthakadeswarar of this temple gives longevity to his devotees who pray here. Since Lord Sri Shiva saved Sri Markandeya from Sri Ema, this sthalam is considered as a place which removes the fear about life( “Ema Bayam Pokkum Sthalam”).
  • Devotees celebrate and perform special Pooja and Homam to the presiding deity on the occation of their 60 th ( Shashtiyapptha Poorthi) , 70 th (“Beema Ratha Shanthi”), 80 th (“Sathabishegam”) Birth years in this temple.
  • This is the supreme place to perform Parikara Homam , Ayush Homam, Maha Mrithyanjaya Homam.
  • One can Chant this powerful Maha Mruthyunjjaya manthra to have a long and disease free life
  • Mruthyunjjaya Mahabaha Paramadeva Sadhasiva
  • Kalpayur Dehi Mea Poornam Yavathayurarogatha
  • Balambikesa Vaithyesa Bavaroha Harethisa
  • Jabenth Namathrayam Nithyam Maharoha Nivaranam

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