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“Gho puja “also known as “Go Puja / Cow puja” denotes worshipping and performing puja to a cow. It is part of Hindu culture and tradition and It dates back to ages and one could find its mention in various puranas and sastras.


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We live in a country where you will easily find a great lush of culture all around. You will get to see an extraordinary culture that has a practice of worshipping nature and its blessing. One of the most popular puja practices done by many people is Go puja. It is the practice of showing your devotion towards the cow and being blessed with a touch of gratitude and faith. Even in Bhagwat Gita, Gho Puja has given great importance, and once it is done, you will get a blessing from god.

A platform like Divinvite is availing different options when it comes to the Pooja for jobs. The person can get the Pooja done according to their convenience.

History of Go Puja

The worshipping and offering prayers of cows are known as Gho puja. According to Indian culture, Cows are considered to be holy, and even to give respect, we call them Gowmaata, which means a cow is like a mother. Gho puja is done in different temples in different ways for many years.

Go Pooja Mantra

Sarvakaamdudhe devi sarvatithirbhishechini l

Pavane surbhi shreshte devi tubhyam namostute ll

Description of Gho Pooja

If you have lost your job due to some reason and after making plenty of efforts still you are not getting the job. This is the special puja that is performed by Lord Kolavilli Ramar. This puja can be easily done in the absence of the devotee. The blessing of Lord Kolavilli Ramar will help in getting a job that will give you a better space in your life.

Importance of Gho Pooja

For years, Gho Pooja is having great importance in the life of the people. There is a belief that this ritual of offering to pray to cows has been there for centuries. The importance of Gho Pooja on various days is stated as below:

  • On Monday, if the person offers grass, food, aagthi keerai, and banana to the cow. It will help us to cleanse off mathru and pitru dosha.
  • On Tuesday, offering water and food to the cow can help the person to provide them with housing and land purchase opportunities.
  • On Wednesday, giving cow food will help you to get the advancement in your professional life.
  • On Thursday, giving the rice porridge to the cow will help the person to remove the purva jenma dosha.
  • On Friday, doing the cow puja will help in showering the blessing of Goddess Mahalakshmi.
  • On Saturdays giving grass and water to the cow will help you to remove the person from the shackles of poverty.
  • On Thuvathisi, worshipping cows and giving them food will give the person the Punya of offering food to many other people who are in need.

Not only offering the cows food and water will serve the purpose. Along with the offerings, also enchant the go puja mantra.

Get the Go Pooja Vidhanam from Divinvite

We are the online platform that provides people with different options of poojas that can be done for the betterment of life. We have a great team of experts that know how to perform all the go poojas vidhanam and get the best blessing from it.

Not only do you get the Gho puja done here, but you can also get the gho seva material from our platforms like Pancha kava lamp, Pancha Kavya Dhoop, Lord Ganesha idol with vibhuti, Pancham lamp and dhoop, and Gho feed.

Significance of COW :

  • Cow is considered very holy and called as “Ghomatha” drawing parallels to a mother / Mother Earth
  • Even today, in many big temples one could see the Gho puja performed in front of the Main deity by making the main deity view the rear of the cow & its calf before throwing open darshan to the public.
  • All Gods, Devatas and holy rivers reside in a cow and worshipping a cow is equivalent of worshipping all these Gods and Devatas.
  • Nature is worshipped by Hindus and nature forces like Agni (God of Fire), Vayu, (god of Air) Varuna (God of Water), Akash (God of Space) and Prithvi (Mother Earth) and creations of nature like river, plants, mountains and animals are also worshipped.
  • Cow is the most sacred, holy and venerated animal worshipped by Hindus. It’s an amalgamation of 33 million Hindu Gods, 7 Holy rivers, Saptha Rishis, Navagrahas ,4 Vedas and Ashta Lakshmi.
  • The Divine Cow Kamadhenu - the cow goddess, can fulfil all the wishes of the worshipper
  • To put it in a nutshell cow is the link between human beings and GOD.

Gho Puja / Go Puja / Cow Puja - Benefits :

“Gho puja “also known as “Go Puja / Cow puja” denotes worshipping and performing puja to a cow. It is part of Hindu culture and tradition and It dates back to ages and one could find its mention in various puranas and sastras.

  • It eradicates the Pithru and Mathru Doshas from one’s life.
  • It wipes out our previous birth doshas and sins.
  • It removes all Navgraha Doshas from one’s life.
  • It is equivalent to have offered “ Annadhanam” to 1000 people, which means it will provide the doer/worshipper with the benefits of good deeds (offering Annadhanam to 1000 people)
  • Since the God of Wealth Lakshmi also resides in a cow among many Gods, performing Gho Puja, especially on a Friday, will ensure her blessings and abundant wealth creation.
  • It helps in clearing debts and business losses
  • It helps to gain professional advancement
  • It clears problems created by enemies and helps to lead a peaceful life.
  • It blesses child- less couples with children

Why to do Gho Puja from Divinvite ?

  • We (Divinvite) have tied up with several Ghosalas in Tamilnadu where only desi cows (Native breeds) are maintained. The Desi Cows known as “ Nattu Pasu “ in Tamil are highly sacred
  • The rituals are strictly adhered to as prescribed by the Vedas and sastras.
  • The Gho Puja will be performed by a Brahmin Gurukkal or Vedic Scholar only
  • Prasadam will be couriered with tracking details comprising Sacred Ash made out of cow dung..

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