Koothanur - Saraswathi Temple Special  Puja for Education

Koothanur - Saraswathi Temple Special Puja for Education

Koothanur - Saraswathi Temple Special  Puja for Education Koothanur - Saraswathi Temple Special  Puja for Education

Koothanur - Saraswathi Temple Special Puja for Education

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  • This Special Puja can be performed to Goddess Saraswathi
  • This Puja can be performed in the absence of the devotee
  • Free Shipping of the Prasad with delivery tracking mechanism
  • Assured delivery within 45 working days
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee , if the prasadham is not delivered in 90 days time
  • The Prasadam includes the following items
    • Kumkum
    • Ball point Pen (2 nos)


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Benefits of Special Parihara Puja to Maha Sarawathi:

Special Parihara Archana is done to Goddess Saraswathi with Kumkum and placing pen at her feet. It’s a vedic ritual performed at Koothanur Temple, to bless the devotees with knowledge and wisdom.

Koothanur Temple History :

This temple is located in Koothanur village situated approximately 21 kms from Thiruvarur and Mayiladuthurai. One can reach this temple from Kumbakonam as well, which is approximately 35 kms away.

As per the legend, this temple is believed to have been more than 1500 years old. This village was donated by the Chola King Raja Rajan (II) to a very well renowned poet named Ottakoothar who was working in his court. The poet built this temple for goddess Saraswathi. This place Koothanur derives its name from Ottakoothar ( Koothan in Tamil) and Oor ( village or town in tamil)

As per Mythology, Lord.Brahma and his consort Goddess Saraswathi had an ego clash with each other. They quarreled and cursed each other which eventually led them to be born as siblings to a couple in the Chola Dynasty.

When their parents decided to marry them off, both of them realized their original form and explained their parents about the same but the latter refused their marriage proposal as they were born as brother and sister.

They could not find out a solution and worshipped Lord. Siva to help them get reunited. Lord.Siva had appeared in Goddess Sarawathi’s dream and asked her to stay at the earth itself for this yuga as an unmarried girl. She blesses her devotees from her abode in Koothanur.

Significance of Koothanur Temple :

  • The place Koothanur is known as “ Thiriveni Sangamam” which is a confluence of river Ganges, Yamuna and Saraswathi.
  • This temple is very very ancient and is the only exclusive temple dedicated to Goddess Saraswathi in the whole state of Tamilnadu .
  • One can pray “Goddess Maha Saraswathi “of this temple for abundant knowledge, good education, excellence in - Music, Arts, Science and last but not the least Wisdom.
  • Devotees can perform Pujas and Abishekam to the Goddess here before admitting their wards in schools as well as before or during the exam time to receive her blessings.

Please read and understand the following points carefully :

  • The puja will be performed on the scheduled date either in the morning or in the evening as per the head priest's sole discretion based on other festivals and programs conducted in the temple.
  • For epuja, there will not be any video or audio recordings because mobile phones can't be carried by the Priests inside the sanctum sanctorum. Similarly, the main deity can't be videographed or photographed either.
  • Puja confirmation mail will be sent on the next day of the puja date. It's an automated mail, which will be manually intervened, only when there is a change in the puja schedule.
  • Prasadam shipment will take a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of 45 days.
  • If the prasadam is not shipped even after 90 days, we will refund the full money.
  • We will arrange to perform the puja either through our representatives/agents who will visit the temple in person or through the Priest of the temple himself depending upon our earlier set arrangements
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Nanda Kishore on 12:30 PM, 05 May 2019
Well satisfied service. Prasadam delivered on time.
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