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  • This Special Puja can be done for removing malefic effects of Sani Graha (Saturn Planet).
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According to Indian mythology, the life of humans has greatly influenced the nine Graha, or we can say planets. The nine planets include The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu. Among all the planets, Saturn's planet placement in the kundali of the person can have a great effect on the person's life. Thirunallar navagraha temple is one of the Hindu temples which is purely dedicated to Lord Shani. Some people know this temple as Dharbaranyeswarar Temple as it is believed that deity is made up of the Dharba grass

Thirunallar Saneeswara temple is located in Tamil Nadu and is considered to be one of the Navgrahas. The temple has the main deities of Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati, and Lord Shani. People who want to get navagraha pooja done can book the pooja here and get it done for the best results in their life.

Different Types of Poojas Done at Saneeswara temple Thirunallar

People come here to this temple to get different types of pooja done. The devotees want to get rid of all the bad luck that they might be facing in their life. Even pilgrims come here to take a dip in the Nala Theertha and offer their worship at the temple after that. Many of the people come here to get the Navgraha Pooja done. Even people can make the online booking of this pooja with Divinvite. Here people offer cooked rice to the crows i.e. The mount of Saniswara. Devotees can come to this temple to donate something or the other according to their will. Even people can directly donate to the saneeswara temple Thirunallar authorities.

Thirunallar Temple Timings

The darshan timings are prescribed. If you are planning to come and visit this temple, it is highly recommended to visit the temple in the morning darshan, which is open from 6:00 am to 12:30 pm, and the evening darshan opens from 4:00 pm to 8:30 pm. If you want to book any of the pooja here in the temple, you need to visit Thirunallar temple timings within the given period.

Significance of Thirunallar Saneeswaran Temple

According to the Indian Mythology, Lord Shani is one of the extremely powerful planets whose curse or blessing can change the life of the person. People come to the Thirunalla Saneewara Temple, where people offer their prayers to Lord Shani and enhance the level of positivity in their life. Over the years, many people have been visiting this temple so that they can reduce the effect of misfortune in life. This is the only temple in the world where Lord Shani lost his power to Lord Shiva.

It has been stated by the priests that worshipping Lord Shani will develop a positive mindset of the person. This mindset will help the person to face so many difficulties, limitations, and challenges in life. If you want to remove the hardships of your life, just come here and worship Lord Shani and set a ray of positive hope in life.

The main attraction in this temple is the holy tanks which are known for their healing powers. If you visit this place, just get a dip before offering prayers to God. This will further motivate a positive effect on the person's life. You can visit the place within the Thirunallar Saneeswaran temple timings

History of Thirunallar Saneeswaran Temple

The history of this temple is quite interesting. According to this, the famous King Nala and Queen Damayanthi liked each other and got married. Devdas also wanted to get married to Queen Damayanthi, so he was very jealous and angry with Nala. So, Devdas reached out to Saneeswaran and asked him to help out.

Saneeswaran saw the couple, and he decided to make Devas understand Nala's true love for his queen. However, Saneeswaran gave a lot of trouble to King Nala and his family. So finally, the King reached Thirunallaru, where he worshipped Lord Dharpaneswara. The lord was impressed by the King's prayers and made him free from all curses and doshas.

Nala stayed here for a good time and built this temple. Soon after this, Nala got back to his kingdom. The word Thirunallar is made from two words i.e., "NALA" which means King Nala, and "ARU" which means "to heel".

Another popular story related to this temple is when one of the wives of Surya Deva i.e. Usha, couldn't tolerate the heat of the sun. She converted her shadow into another woman, which is named "Saya Devi" and started to live under that name. Saneeswaran was the son of Saya Devi and Lord Surya.

When Lord Surya came to know about Saya Devi, He got very angry with Ush and didn't accept Saneeswaran as part of his family. So Saneeswaram went to Kashu where he worshipped Lord shiva and became a part of the Navgrahas.

Different festivals are celebrated at Thirunallar saneeswaran temple

  • Soorasamharam Festival: This festival is to mark the victory of Lord Muruga, who liked Soorapadman with his "Vel". After that, the very next day, the divine marriage of Lord Muruga and Devsena happened.
  • Sanipeyarchi Festival: On this festival day, Dri Saneeswara Bhagawan transits from Libra (Thulam) to Scorpio (Vrischika). Many of the Shani Dosha Parihara poojas are held on this day so that people can get more benefits from it.
  • Thiruvathirai Festival: This is the festival for Lord Shiva. The devotees go to the temple early in the morning to offer their prayers. Unmarried girls who want a good partner for them can fast on this day to get the blessings of Lord Shiva.
  • Adi Pooram Festival: This is the festival for Goddess Andal, who is the incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi.

Book your special Parihara Puja for Saneeswaran with Divinvite

If you are someone that is facing a lot of problems in life. There are many obstacles faced during any of the processes, it is high time to meet the astrologer that can guide you about the placement of the planets in your birth chart. If the planet Saturn or Shani is not in the right position, all these problems in your life are due to this. So, you can book the special Pahiara Puja for Saneewaran in Thirunallar Temple.

The thirunallar saneeswaran temple timings are morning 6:00 am to 12:30 pm, and in the evening it is 4:00 pm to 8:30 pm. You can easily visit this temple and get the pooja done by the experts. The ritual practices performed here are very powerful that can have a great effect on the life of the person. Many people book the pooja at Thirunallar saneeswaran temple with Divinvite as this platform is known for conducting the best religious practices for their clients.

The person can either come to the temple or the priests can perform this puja on behalf of the person. The team of Divinvite will make sure to ship Prasad to people all over the world and assure the delivery within 45 days. All the priests that undertake the religious practices are very knowledgeable and experienced. You can even get the Navgraha puja done to get all the benefits of the nine planets in our solar system.

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Shankar Chowdary Immanni on 7:56 AM, 04 Apr 2023
I ordered special puja but after that no status was given. It's been 3 months. There is no option for cancellation and refund even. Very bad service.
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raghavendra sharma on 5:41 AM, 27 Feb 2023
perform puja and send prasad
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CHANDRASHEKAR A on 8:32 AM, 18 Jul 2019
Thanks and awaiting for prasadam n blessing
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