Palani Murugan - Spl Puja

Palani Murugan - Spl Puja

Palani Murugan - Spl Puja Palani Murugan - Spl Puja

Palani Murugan - Spl Puja

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  • This Special Archana can be done for removing any obstacles from one’s life.
  • This Puja can be performed in the absence of the devotee
  • Free Shipping of the Prasad with delivery tracking mechanism
  • Assured delivery within 45 working days
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee , if the prasadham is not delivered in 90 days time
  • The Prasadam includes the following items
    • Holy Ash
    • Kumkum


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Benefits of this Puja :

  • Palani Murugan is a very powerful God who grants boon to his worshippers
  • Navagraha Doshas impact will be greatly reduced
  • One can witness improvement after performing this puja.

Palani Temple History :

Palani (Pazhani) Murugan temple is the Third Holy Abode out of the six abodes ( Arupadai Veedu) of Lord.Murugan. The Lord in this sacred place is popularly known as “Dhandayuthapani” a very ,very powerful God indeed. As per the legend, Lord Murugan after a feud with his parents Lord.Siva and Goddess Parvathi over a divine fruit, left Kailash and landed here in Pazhani. He felt the need himself to mature from Boyhood and remained here as a hermit.

The present temple in the top of the hill is known as the popular “Palani Dhandayuthapani Temple” and the old temple at the foot of the hill is known as Thiruavinankudi Temple ,where the Lord is revered as “Kuzhanthai Velayuthaswamy”.

Boghar, a sage, one of the 18 Great Hindu Siddhas , created and consecrated the main idol using a clever mix of nine poisonous herbs known as “ Navapashnam”, neutrlising their poisonous effects.

Significance of Palani Temple :

  • All health related issues and chronic diseases gets cured
  • Lord.Muruga is the God for neutralizing and nullifying all Navagraha Doshas
  • Marriage and child birth related obstacles will be neutralised and nullified
  • Enemies both known & unknown will be neutralized and nullified
  • The Lord will shower his blessings on his devotees for a Peaceful, prosperous and happy life

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